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Must have Board Games

Recently my fiance and I decided that despite our love for videogames, we wanted to try something different that we could do together. Whenever we're playing games, the communication is either to the back of each others head (Our desks are opposite each other) or through our headsets, and sometimes you just want to spend your… Continue reading Must have Board Games


Overwatch League Season 1

I'm super excited about the Overwatch League starting today and really want it to pull me into the world of esports! I've played Overwatch since day one and couldn't be happier that it is now a sport I can watch and enjoy with my fiance and friends. The league is made up of twelve teams… Continue reading Overwatch League Season 1

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World of Warcraft: Beginners Guide to Making Gold

Making money in any form is always going to be hard no matter whether it's real life currency or in-game. I've always found it difficult saving up and that's now one of my goals this year as I always end the month broke. There are many easy ways of making Gold in World of Warcraft,… Continue reading World of Warcraft: Beginners Guide to Making Gold

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Warframe : Platinum the free way

Platinum is the currency that is purchased with real money and can buy things such as cosmetics, other Warframes and weapons etc. However, platinum can, in fact, be earned without having to put any of your hard-earned real coins into it! Warframe has a wonderful community driven economy, and if you can find things to… Continue reading Warframe : Platinum the free way