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Kingdom Hearts 3. Was it worth the wait?

I mention some of the Disney worlds included in Kingdom Hearts 3, so if you want it to be a surprise, I'd recommend reading this post after you've found them yourself. I still remember getting Kingdom Hearts 2 on Christmas day as a 10-year-old and it was one of the best things I've ever asked… Continue reading Kingdom Hearts 3. Was it worth the wait?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

I have waited a long time for a new Red Dead and I wasn't disappointed. I was so keen for the little timer on my Red Dead Redemption 2 to count down to 0 so I could experience the wonderful and free feeling of an immersive and all round well crafted open world! I knew… Continue reading Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

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Why Detroit Become Human is the best QuanticDream game yet

When Quantic Dream created Heavy Rain, I fell instantly in love with their incredible storytelling abilities and the wonderfully crisp gameplay that made it feel like I was playing a movie. Each turn was unique and thrilling and it's one of the few games that moved me with its eerie beauty. And then they gave… Continue reading Why Detroit Become Human is the best QuanticDream game yet

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Must have Board Games

Recently my fiance and I decided that despite our love for videogames, we wanted to try something different that we could do together. Whenever we're playing games, the communication is either to the back of each others head (Our desks are opposite each other) or through our headsets, and sometimes you just want to spend your… Continue reading Must have Board Games