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The best of Yakuza 0

After Persona 5, I hadn't been able to find a game that could top it for me. The story, the characters, the little side things you could do! All of it just amounted to a rich and fulfilling game that left me wanting more. It took a while, and honestly, when it came to Yakuza, I… Continue reading The best of Yakuza 0

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Regaining Self Confidence

My confidence had plummetted these last few years as my weight went up, my friendships fell and of course, being too bloody hard on myself all the damn time! I think at some point I just gave up? I stopped exercising and eating healthily, which is all on me, but I still wonder why that… Continue reading Regaining Self Confidence

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LaRoc Summer Eyeshadow Palette Review

Summer is closing in and the weather is slowly getting warmer and sunnier! I'm super excited and have been gathering makeup that will look stunning when I'm sitting in the sun. Honestly, I don't wear much makeup, I'm very lucky to have clear skin but I adore eye makeup! So despite my lack of knowledge… Continue reading LaRoc Summer Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Personal touches with MJ Gift Shop +

It can be super tricky to buy gifts for friends or family and sometimes we need fresh ideas with more personal touches! Personal gifts are the best, and I always think it's ridiculously cool if something has my name on it! I've found myself stuck trying to find somewhere that has gifts for all and then… Continue reading Personal touches with MJ Gift Shop +