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Goals for March 2019

I haven’t really given much thought to planning or aiming for anything this year. We’ve had quite a hard time with Adam being diagnosed last year with a form of Leukemia and it’s been quite a struggle really. He’s doing alright and will, we all hope, be cured by the summer. We’ve been travelling to The Royal hospital in Liverpool more times than I can count and spending full days there, and so with having so many appointments on the horizon, I didn’t think there was any point aiming or setting any goals until that was done and Adam was alright.

But as I said, his treatment is nearly done with and we’re really excited to continue our life and be much happier. I am ridiculously proud of him for how brave he’s been and he’s looking forward to getting back his strength and pressing on!

So with all of that said and done, I have thought of what I’d like to achieve this month!

Get back to the Gym 

Since the beginning of December, I’ve stopped going to the gym mainly due to the fact that I didn’t want to go during the Christmas season, I just wanted to enjoy myself and have a little treat, which is absolutely fine and I don’t regret it. However, I’ve found it difficult to get back into the swing of things, so this month I would like to push myself and go regularly again and get back on track!

Start a healthier lifestyle

By this, I mainly mean foodwise. Before December, I ate a lot healthier, drank more water and cut sugars out of my diet and along with the gym, I gave myself a pass for these last 2 months. But it’s starting to nag at me now that I need to get back into it, and what better time than now?!

Return to blogging regularly

With everything going on last year, my blogging slowed down to an almost halt, and I only found time to post a couple of times, which knocked my confidence and I thought I might as well stop altogether. But I do enjoy blogging, it makes me happy and gives me something to focus on, so I’m going to try and get myself into a routine that works best for me so I can post regularly without it getting too much.

Get everything ready for Uni

I’m finally starting my academic journey this month and as terrifying as it is, it is also ridiculously exciting. I’m going to John Moore’s University to study Adult Nursing, it’s something I’m very passionate about and can’t wait to get started but there are a few bits I need to sort out first. I need to get all the paperwork done and sent off as well as getting some textbooks and a small laptop for lectures, and a bag that can carry everything because my bag for college was my very beaten up Playstation 1 style bag (It was the only bag I had that could fit everything).

Get back into Clay

I used to be very into polymer clay sculpting and I wasn’t half bad at it. Obviously, there was a lot of room for improvement but I really enjoyed it and it was an art that I could stick to and benefit from so I would like to get back to making cute little sculptures.


I’m going to try my best this month to do all of this, but on the 25th I start Uni and my life will suddenly become very different and busy very quickly, so I’m going to forgive myself if I don’t have time for clay making or doing blog posts every other day. As long as I give it all a go, I’ll be cool with it!


What are your goals this month? I’d love to read them in the comments and will reply asap!




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