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Sims 4 Mods that I can’t live without

I have clocked around 900 hours on the Sims 4 and I regret nothing. It’s my one go-to comfort game and it always relaxes me and helps me stop stressing over everything and anything! I play it when I’m down, I play it when I’m not, I pretty much play it in most of my spare time when it’s a dry season in games. But I cannot play it without Mods anymore, I find a lot of the fun is looking for new content to add to make it more personal to me and make it feel fuller and honestly, it gets addictive to a point.

I can confidently say that I know the ins and outs of the Sims 4 (Not hard I know) along with knowing the main mods out there that make the game bigger and better (Honestly, I check like every day for new stuff! The best is when I haven’t been on the Sims in like a week and there’s a bunch of new mods and cc to get).

So here are the 5 mods that I cannot and will not play the Sims 4 without; Even if the game updated and the mod hadn’t, meaning I couldn’t use it until the mod catches up, I’ll just wait around and play minesweeper or something.

The Explore Mod by Kawaiistacie

This is a seriously cool Mod, even though it’s pretty much a rabbit hole mod, it adds so many options that it makes your Sims lives feel more eventful and busy outside of their household. They can get a drivers license or travel by bus and go to all sorts of events, go and collect a takeaway for the household and actually bring food back, come back with treats

Turbo Careers by Zerbu

I haven’t been able to play without this mod ever since I found it! Turbo Careers turns the rabbit hole jobs into careers you can actively join your Sim in like the Doctor, Scientist and Detective career. I love not having to sit around and wait for my Sim to get back from this non-existent job venue, it adds so much more to the gameplay and I don’t have to just choose from the three careers given with the expansion.

Get to College updated by itasan2

This mod was created a good while ago by simmythesim, but has now been updated by itasan2 so that it works with recent patches. It’s a super fun mod, it allows you to apply to College as you would any other job as a young adult, and you can join them there and complete tasks to improve your grade and eventually graduate. It’s a great substitute for an official University expansion, and hopefully one day we’ll get it.

MC Command Centre by Deaderpool

Honestly, this is a really big mod that allows you to alter a lot of fine details in your Sims lives such as alter individual body parts to make your sims look less samey, alter careers for unplayed sims and see who is pregnant and for how long (You can speed up the pregnancy too). There’s a lot of cheat commands and modules that just help you keep your game specifically refined around what you prefer. Not a fan of sims being abducted? You can alter the rate using this mod, or make it so that particular sims can’t be abducted.

Ultra Simulation SpeedUp by AshenSeaced

Sometimes I just want to speed past a boring day in the Sims to get to a time that’s more exciting like going to work or inviting other sims over, and I was so annoyed when my sims would sleep or be at work, and time wouldn’t superspeed up due to something or other! This mod allows you to superspeed by double-clicking the third speed button, so you can just quickly skip those few hours of nothing!


What mods can you not live without? Are you looking forward to Strangeville?

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