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Movies of the week #1

Recently I’ve felt like my movie library is in serious need of extending even though I’ve watched my fair share, I can’t deny that I’ve missed out on some classic films so far and want to make the effort to be more adventurous in my movie choices and just watch whatever I come across without being too sceptical to even try.

Adam and myself have been trying to watch a movie each evening before bed and it’s been really fun! We’ve enjoyed surprisingly awesome movies as well as some incredibly bad ones but overall, it’s been a great way to spend time together.

This week we’ve watched 5 movies, some good, some rather bad and here they are!

Little Miss Sunshine

To start with, we watched a movie we both really love. It’s tragic and frustrating to watch as well as heartwarming and wonderful, especially as the story progresses. It’s about a family who travels to a beauty pageant, which the daughter of the family really wants to enter, and it’s just so quirky and cute! The score is beautiful and just filled me with emotion simply watching this one family on a very meaningful little journey. I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s a brilliant watch and one of the main characters is Steve Carell, who always plays his characters fabulously.

Gerald’s Game

I wanted to watch it because of Stephen King and the mad circumstance that the character found herself in. A couple go to a house miles away from anywhere for some time together to try and fix their marriage and with that, they think handcuffs would be a good way of spicing things up…until of course, he has a heart attack, leaving her handcuffed and a bit worried about what to do next. I found it a little dragging but it was definitely focusing more on the psychological trauma and horrors that go with such a frightening situation. For anyone who likes a good psychological horror and is a fan of Stephen King, it ain’t half bad.

The Silence of the Lambs

Don’t judge me, I hadn’t seen it before a few weeks ago and I know I’ve missed out on such a classic! It’s incredibly creepy and gross but so good! I love the thriller side to it as well as the gruesome stuff! And honestly, I love that I get to experience the excitement of it now that I’ve finally decided to give it a go!


Yup, after watching The Silence of the Lambs, straight for the sequel I went! I was so disappointed that Jodie Foster wasn’t in it, but honestly, after the first 10 minutes, I wasn’t really bothered. It wasn’t as grand as the first, which is what usually tends to happen, but I still really enjoyed it! There were some scenes that were a tad icky but I loved the eerie nature of it!

Hannibal Rising

Can you see a theme this week? Honestly, I couldn’t stop! I wanted to see Hannibal’s backstory and wow! It was a fun watch, I love watching how such a fascinatingly frightening character came to be and honestly, I couldn’t resist seeing how on earth Hannibal became who he was!

What movies have you seen this week? If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them and add them to my watch list!




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