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Nutribuddy Hotslim (Vegan-friendly) Review +

If you’ve been following me this year you’ll know that I’ve been trying to lose weight and have been trying out new things to see what works best for me. I’ve been going to the gym and eating less junk food which is pretty much all you need to do (easier said than done I know). But there are times where the gym really isn’t a go for me due to my car having a strop or I’m super tired from work and the motivation is just nowhere to be found and other such excuses. I’m on a mission to find things that will help me when I really can’t face the gym for a time but obviously, don’t want to gain too much weight back after all that hard work and then hopefully when I do go back to the gym, the gap won’t seem as bad.

I got in contact with Nutribuddy and they were kind enough to send me their HotSlim warm slimming drink which lasts 14 days in return for a 100% honest review. I adore companies that don’t demand specific details to be added or forced compliments to be made in order to qualify to review a product. They even sent me their lovely jar shaped mug with a lid which just made my day (I love mugs!).

Firstly, I’d like to discuss the packaging since this is what attracts us to a product in the first place. It was sent in a standard box with their logo on it, very simple and effective. The packaging itself is minimalistic, mainly using whites with the added colour at the top to give it a personality. I personally prefer simplified designs because they feel less overwhelming and it’s easy to decipher what this product is from a first glance which is always important. On the back, it gives the ingredients and nutritional values of each pack as well as instructions on how to use this product and when it is more beneficial. The top seals up after being opened so you don’t have to use a peg or risk it pouring out.

The only negative I can see is that the wording on the back is a bit faded, whether that’s from the print or it happens over time I’m not sure but I can see how this would make it harder to read properly. To be honest, I can easily make out what it says despite the fading of the words, but it doesn’t look as tidy and professional.


Onto the product itself, the HotSlim comes in a powder similar to protein shakes, maybe a little thicker, and you mix it up with the milk of your choice. You then stick it in the microwave or heat it in a pan and there you have it. It doesn’t take long at all to do and it comes with a little scoop so you get the right measurements. I do like that the scoop has their logo on it instead of just giving generic scoops out, and it’s white to match the product packaging. The product is made using a very short list of ingredients which is always refreshing to see, I always believe that less is better and the ingredients include nothing nasty or harmful. They recommend drinking this as a dinner replacement or just before bed to help you sleep and for ‘overnight slimming’. I’ve always been sceptical about products that promote slimming because usually they either don’t work or work in a bad way, but seeing as the ingredients in HotSlim are all organic, vegan and good for you, I thought why not! (Ingredients include Lucuma, Green Tea and Brahmi). The taste is very oaty, like drinking a smooth version of porridge with a very faint taste. Personally, I really like the subtlety, I’m not a big porridge fan so I was relieved that it wasn’t going to be a similar experience. I chose the vanilla flavour which is probably a bit less prominent than chocolate or strawberry but I prefer soft flavours.



So I gave the 14 days pack a go, and it definitely helped me to sleep a little easier. Adam has been suffering from Insomnia due to his treatment so our sleeping patterns have pretty much-become none existent. Drinking HotSlim did help me relax more in the night and helped me get a healthier sleeping pattern overall which I am super grateful for! It stopped me from feeling peckish, when I felt like a little nighttime snack, I made the conscious effort to have my warm drink instead and it definitely stopped that need to have something unhealthy. Did it help me lose weight? To be fair, I’ve been doing this during the Christmas season and so my eating habits have slipped and exercise had been paused while I enjoyed the festivities so my results might have been different if I had been sticking to my normal routine. I didn’t lose weight, however, I didn’t gain as much as I expected to when I decided to relax for December (And I relaxed quite a bit with a few Gins, dinners and snacks). I was happily surprised to see that I didn’t have to work as hard as I thought to get back on track so all in all, it was a pleasant experience.

Nutribuddy prides itself in being completely Vegan-friendly, which I am always a big fan of. If you’re Vegan or looking for those first steps to becoming Vegan then this is a wonderful place to start.

I would recommend this to anyone struggling to sleep at night as well as those who find it tricky to resist the late night nibble. I can’t recommend it for weight loss since for me, it didn’t do much, but again that could be due to my eating habits and lack of moving for the month. Everyone is different so it could work for you more than me.

You can have a little look for yourself on Nutribuddy’s Website.

Or you can take a look at their Twitter and Instagram.

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