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Staying healthy with Perfectly Clear +

For a good few weeks now I have been making my fitness and well being a priority by eating healthier and going to the gym on a regular basis. I’ve lost a decent amount and am really happy with how things are going, but I have been super tired of only drinking water. It’s the healthiest thing to drink, you can get it from any tap ever, and it’ll give you energy throughout the day. BUT the taste of nothing just eats away at me after a while and that’s when I’ll have a sneaky drink of coke. There’s diet coke, which I did go on for a good while but found that there is an ingredient in there that’s VERY unhealthy for you.

Then I was contacted by Perfectly Clear, who do a range of flavoured water with no sugar in them and very little calories. I was really sceptical because whenever I’ve tried to move onto flavoured water it either had too much sugar in to be worth it or left an awful taste in my mouth and just wasn’t a brilliant experience. I decided to give it a chance since I’ve heard of Perfectly Clear and was really intrigued as to whether their water would be different after being established for 20 years (one of the first flavoured water companies in the UK!).


I was sent four bottles of their zero sugar drinks (Still strawberry, Still Summer Fruits, Still Lemon and Lime and Still Cherry. All 500ml) along with a lovely little booklet about the history of their company, which I thought was such a lovely touch! I was really impressed that they’re so dedicated to offering zero sugar alternatives to sugary drinks that we’d normally pick up instead and are even certified by Sugarwise! The drink with the highest calorie count is the Lemon and Lime, which contains 10 calories per drink! I personally really liked the crisp taste of this drink, despite not being a fan of lemon and lime in general.

I’ve taken one to the gym for four days to see if it was the right drink for me when I’m exercising and need a little boost. I absolutely love the flavour in each drink, my favourite being the Still Strawberry! It tasted just like it said it would without compromising with a bitter taste in your mouth, and kept me feeling refreshed and energised through my workout. Before I even ran out, I went to Home Bargains to get myself a good supply! And I was so amazed at the price. I see flavoured water as an expensive drink to buy, another reason I really didn’t branch out much into it, and I was super amazed at how cheap Perfectly Clear drinks are! The cheapest was going for around 39p per bottle and I was able to get loads to last me a very long time!


I was really interested in where this water comes from. Where do they get it? I’m always one to assume bottled water potentially just comes from someones tap! Perfectly Clear has on-site boreholes which allow for fresh spring water to be used from Hadrians Well for each of their products. It’s completely natural and super healthy!

Now, the water itself is really tasty without sacrificing our health by ensuring that each drink has zero sugar and super low calories. Perfectly Clear also wanted to ensure that the packaging for each bottle was as modernised and bright as their drinks to rebrand it as this wonderful alternative for anyone looking for something healthy with a lovely taste. I’m a big fan of the images used and the designs for each bottle, I love that depending on the flavour, the tops are different colours (Strawberry has a red lid for example).

I’m super happy with Perfectly Clear and think it’s a brilliant way to get people looking into alternatives to sugary drinks! It tastes great and there’s a flavour for everyone in their selection as well as some sparkling waters they also sell if you prefer that. It’s barely touched my calorie intake (And I count daily) which is super important when wanting to lose weight, and it kept me feeling just as refreshed and energised throughout my workout and throughout the day as regular water does!

Perfectly Clear has a range that is suitable for all! Adults and children of all ages can enjoy their products, and of course, there is no sugar and extremely few calories in each drink (The maximum calorie count for one is 10 calories as stated above! 10!). They also have a sparkling water product called Whisper which also has zero sugar and keeps to the low-calorie count of 10! I highly recommend it as an addition to a well balanced and healthy diet!

If you want to find out more about Perfectly Clear’s water, you can have a nosey on the Perfectly Clear Official Site !

You can also take a look at their wonderful products using their handles:

Instagram: @PerfectlyClearOfficial

Twitter: @Perfectly_Clear

Facebook: @perfectlyclearofficial






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