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How to help someone who has been diagnosed with cancer

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. It is such a scary and horrible time for them and for those who love them, but we can do a lot to keep their spirits up in this difficult time. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words or the right actions whilst trying to be as delicate and sensitive as possible to the situation without babying someone to the point where it may come across as annoying.

I’ve found that some things work for me when trying to help my partner through this tough time and hope that it helps someone who is going through a similar situation.

Ask about it

I’ve found that talking about Adam’s illness helps a lot. Maybe not all the time, but asking what’s going on, what’s next in his treatment and simply asking how he’s feeling with it lets him just let it all out.

Be positive

Being positive around Adam, especially when he’s feeling low has such amazing results! He perks up so quickly because I smile and talk about good things! Sometimes it’s good to have deep talks about what’s going on, but it’s equally important to be there to lift them up when they’re in a dark place.

Bring Normality back

Making Adam feel as normal as possible can be difficult while he’s in hospital, but treating him as I would someone without his illness seems to help him cope a bit better and feel less alone with it. Obviously, things have to change a bit like helping him go to day clinic and having to make sure food places have a 5 hygiene rating. But, for the most part, it’s possible to have normal days where it feels almost like leukaemia never happened.

Future Plans

Making future plans is so wonderful and gives Adam things to look forward to and distract him from his treatment for a while. It’s such an important thing to keep them looking forward and fighting to get there!


It’s a long journey, no matter what form of cancer and as loved ones, we have to stay positive and help them as best we can!

4 thoughts on “How to help someone who has been diagnosed with cancer

  1. Thanks for sharing this with the world! I feel it’s important to have these conversations. My late Grandfather had cancer too. I wish I could’ve treated him better sooner than I did so I’m happy to see you write this!!! ☺️


    1. Im glad you liked it 😊 Ive had relatives die pass away due to cancer and never knew how to act until later on so I just felt like giving some advice from my experience to try and help people xxx


  2. I’m so sorry to read about your partner. I am sending positive vibes his way and your way too (it can’t be easy on either of you) I’m so glad you shared this post, I’m sure it will help lots of people that are in a similar situation. ♥


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