Things you can do on Long hospital stays

Recently we’ve been going through a tough little time and it means that as a family, we’re going to be going to the hospital for the whole day for a good while. My darling Adam isn’t feeling too well and I feel awful and as much as me and his mama are going to be there with him, he still has the night times and early mornings before we can hop on a bus and be with him. I hate thinking that when we have to leave him on his own, he’ll be feeling low and occupied with worried thoughts, and I think how so many people have to go through it at some point and it could be anyone!

I’ve come up with a few things that you can do if you find yourself stuck in hospital for a long while to help preoccupy your mind and feel as positive and calm as possible.

Movies and TV Series

What we’ve found is that in the Hospital Adam is staying at, the wi-fi is awful, especially when you’re high up and close to a window. He’s wanted to watch Netflix but can’t due to little to no internet connection and I think watching your favourite movies or series is such a wonderful way of escaping from the stress of it all for a while and being able to smile peacefully. I’d suggest asking family or friends to download series or movies from Netflix so that they can be viewed offline. Not everything on Netflix can be downloaded though so it’s limiting. Another way would be having a laptop with you and use discs/ USBs or a portable DVD player.


Another great way to pass the time and step out of the stress is to read something you enjoy. Take some books with you and let yourself relax and take a break from everything that’s going on.

Drawing & Colouring

Colouring books are everywhere and come in so many themes from simple shapes and patterns to ones focused solely on one franchise. Get some colouring pens or pencils and a couple of these wonderful books and take your time filling them in however you want. It’s a great way of unwinding and practising mindfulness too.


Writing anything on paper or on a device is such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. The possibilities of what to write are endless too! You could write a diary, your thoughts and feelings or even write short stories or plan for a long novel! It’s a healthy and fun way of letting off some steam.


As you might have guessed by some of my earlier posts, I’m a pretty big fan of games! And for any long stay anywhere, games are a perfect pass time. And it could be on any platform really like a phone or tablet! There’s always something for everyone from RPG’s to farm games and idle clickers. They’re so good and can entertain for hours.

There are many ways to pass the time when spending long periods of time in hospital. Be brave and stay as calm as possible.


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