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Why Detroit Become Human is the best QuanticDream game yet

When Quantic Dream created Heavy Rain, I fell instantly in love with their incredible storytelling abilities and the wonderfully crisp gameplay that made it feel like I was playing a movie. Each turn was unique and thrilling and it’s one of the few games that moved me with its eerie beauty. And then they gave us Beyond: Two Souls which stole my heart even more with the imaginative, heart wrenching and gorgeous tale of a girl in a beyond bizarre situation. I played both of these games intensely for days until I unlocked every little secret it had to give, and when they announced Detroit: Become Human, I was over the moon!

Detroit gave a refreshing taste of what life would be like if we lived among androids that would help with all kinds, from doing the dishes to replacing soldiers. It was a fascinating topic that addressed whether androids could be considered a new living being or simply a machine if they could learn emotions and it just gave me so much to discuss and debate with my fiance. I was excited and ready to dive in and see what my choices would result in!


The Androids


I adored each character so much! They all had their own unique struggles and developed their sentience due to different but equally tragic situations. The way in which their personalities and how they will be is controlled completely by your actions is exhilarating!

Kara is a motherly character who only wishes to care for a little girl. I adore that her actions are pretty much separate from the main storyline and the big happenings around Detroit.

Markus is the main event as he leads the androids into a revolution, whether it’s aggressive or peaceful is entirely up to you! I found his character to be well built and full of intrigue as you follow his progression from being a very cared for Android to a leader of his kind.

Connor is the Android detective whose job is to hunt down the rebellious of his kind and make sure whatever is making them sentient stops. I personally found his story the most compelling as he is torn between doing his duty, betraying his own kind and joining his kind against the humans that used him. I love his friendship with his human partner in the police as well as the numerous times his obedient nature is challenged.

The Story


Each episode in Detroit was full of intrigue and made me want more! Whether it was escaping death or doing a simple errand or even making a new friend, it was always interactive and I felt like I was really getting to know these characters and the people around them. I found myself questioning what I would do around Android beings and felt saddened by the treatment they got.

I’ve seen reviews criticising how short the run of the game is and I have to disagree because the point of these games is to have one amazing story that can be altered and formed into different versions, so the story itself being shorter isn’t much of an issue as the replayability is HUGE! Once you’ve reached the ending, you find that there are endings you haven’t seen yet and not only the ending, there are multiple outcomes of most of your choices throughout the whole story and it makes it so intriguing to revisit scenes and see what does what!




Heavy Rain’s mechanics were very clever and the movement of the characters was a decent quality, and the cutscenes where you had to pay close attention to what buttons to press worked a charm with no bugs or issues (At least, none that I experienced myself). However, I still found changing camera angles changing the direction the character moved in without much warning and at times, it got frustrating to have to pull them from a table end and back onto the path I was trying to walk them on. Detroit’s flow between cutscenes and reactions to the button pressing was so smooth and it was noticeable that any mistakes of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two souls had been addressed and didn’t occur in Detroit which is always a bonus! Pulling a character away from a chair in the way, for example, wasn’t as chunky to do!


Overall I found Detroit Being Human to be riveting and beautifully crafted. It is so thought-provoking and I found myself needing to replay it over and over and every time I found myself finding different results and being equally stunned by each one. For anyone who loves fantastically thrilling storylines and brilliant characters, I recommend Detroit full heartedly.

5 thoughts on “Why Detroit Become Human is the best QuanticDream game yet

  1. I have been watching people play this on YouTube and it’s sooooo good. I’ve not finished watching any play-throughs yet, but I’m enjoying what I’ve watched so much. It’s like watching a film.. Games like this make me wish I had a PS4 and not an Xbox One. So many good exclusive games come out on PS4.


    1. I chose PS4 for the exclusives and being a huge fan of Quantic Dream, I knew I was going to be getting Detroit right away. It’s totally like a movie but with you being able to make choices that change it, it’s so good! xxx


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