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Regaining Self Confidence

My confidence had plummetted these last few years as my weight went up, my friendships fell and of course, being too bloody hard on myself all the damn time! I think at some point I just gave up? I stopped exercising and eating healthily, which is all on me, but I still wonder why that happened. Friendships haven’t necessarily ended or gone sour, it’s just that we all have to walk down our own paths which can sometimes mean leaving one another, and that’s okay. It’s good! It means we’re progressing! And seeing them thrive in whatever they’re doing always brings a happy smile to my face! But of course, I still can’t help but miss it.

I’ve taken many theoretical blows in terms of events in my life. I like to think they’ve made me a stronger person, but at the same time, I think I still hold a lot of it against myself, even the external things I couldn’t possibly control or have blame for.

So how does one build themselves up again after taking a few stumbles?

Wear what you love

What I’ve found with losing self-confidence is that I stopped wearing what made me happy and what I felt more like myself in. Instead, I wore baggy clothes that seemed easy to hide in and didn’t take the time to take pleasure in picking out outfits and dolling myself up a bit. I think that just made things worse, and these days I’ve tried to slowly put myself back into the clothes I love to wear. I’ve started to wear more makeup because I love to wear it! And make more of an effort with my appearance and this has slowly made my confidence rise. I’ve still got a ways to go but it’s a big step in boosting that self-esteem!

Speak your own mind

Slipping into trends and conforming to what is perceived to be the most popular at the time is what I’ve noticed myself doing a lot! It’s perfectly fine when I actually like the things that everyone else does, but it’s when really, I don’t find it appealing but still follow it. I’ve been a lot more worried about not fitting in and that has helped with losing what I’m really like. It is important to try and stay true to yourself, even if that may not seem the most trendy! Being happy is the most important thing and I’ve been trying to just say what I really think rather than agreeing to avoid disagreement.

Take a day to pamper yourself

There are always many little reasons to not take a pamper day for yourself. I’ve left it for so so long because I’d feel guilty for not doing coursework, not doing this or that and that just puts your happiness on a downward going slope. Take a day. Use your favourite products and have the bubbliest bath and paint your nails pretty colours! Do you for a day every so often and it’ll be a lot harder to lose who you really are and what you want.

Show yourself

Take photos of yourself! And look at them with pride. I’ve seen so many people being afraid of putting up too many selfies or body shots because they’re worried about their appearance and they’re stunning! There’s so much pressure these days to look a certain way but honestly, when you take photos of yourself, post them on your social media or your blog or whatever you want and show yourself off! You deserve it!


What tips do you guys have when it comes to regaining self-confidence?


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