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Treat your senses at The Florist

Being my first event as a blogger, I was shocked to get an invitation to such a fancy and gorgeous place. I was so so nervous and worried too much about what to wear! I ended up wearing jeans, a flowery shirt and my little boots. Not very fancy but I thought well, it’s what I’m comfortable in and I’ll be able to have fun without worrying about falling over heels and skirts!


As soon as you walk in, you’re welcomed by wonderful staff offering fabulous cocktails! The atmosphere was instantly fresh and open as you walked in even in the evening and the building is so spacious with lots of room for lots of fun! I picked up a cute cocktail and sat down with Fi (Adam’s mama) and oh my goodness it was the tastiest, floweriest thing I have tasted ever! My favourite had to be their Rhubarb in bloom, it was served in a gorgeous glass and garnished so beautifully with more flowers that just lifted the whole presentation to a new level.


We got to try some workshops too! I adored flower arranging! It was so fun and we got lots of help with it (Fi seemed to be in her element though) and the staff were more than friendly.  The flowers were so colourful and we got cute little gift bags to go with our new flower arrangements to take home! The food samples were to die for! Their lavender bread was super fresh and the sea salt just gave it an amazing addition to the flavour. It came with homemade butter and goat cheeses which were so so yummy I need to get some more soon!


My favourite workshop had to be the mixology classes on both days! I’ve been a bartender in a local pub and have always wanted to mix cocktails but never got the chance! It was really fun and the bartenders really knew their stuff and by the cocktails I’ve seen them create for The Florist, they’re geniuses!

On Sunday, we got to make these gorgeous coffee and Tia Maria cocktails! They were garnished with popcorn and had popcorn syrup mixed into the drink and Mmm! I need these in my life daily!


Now, we arrived a tad early on Sunday for our roast, but the staff were more than welcoming and let us in to soak up the decor again! The trees in the main entrance are something to marvel, they are such a clever and unique idea! The food was gorgeous! And I was extremely impressed by the size of the Yorkshire Pud! All in all, it was delicious! I can’t wait to go back soon!



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