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Life Update #1

A while ago when I first started my blog I would do a weekly update on things I love like this one here. After a while though, it got difficult to find different things every week to update you guys on in my life, especially when I got swamped with coursework for a couple of weeks and went afk for a bit. But I loved being able to give a little bit of my life’s goings-on so I’ve decided to do it in life updates when things change! It’ll hopefully be a bit more interesting too because I’ll be doing these when there has actually been an update!

So at this point in time, I’m a month away from finishing my college course and I’m very nervous, to be honest. I have to do a 2-hour test at the end of it on the systems of the human body and wow there is a lot to remember! I’ve chosen John Moores University as my first choice and that means I’ll be starting next March instead of this September! I have months of ‘what do I do now?’ before I get to start and before I even worry about that, I have to get the grades. I’m very scared that I won’t get the grades because then I’ll be in a bit of a ‘now what?’ situation.

Game-wise, I was looking for a story driven game with a lot of content for a good while and then I found Yakuza 0 on offer on the PlayStation store for £20! Yay! I was a bit hesitant at first, I’ve tried playing it before and didn’t get into it but I only spent a couple hours trying, and I’m super happy I got it again because I’ve delved deeper and the story is just fabulous! A lot of twists and turns and you can do karaoke and play grabber machines at the arcade to name a few things! I definitely recommend it! I also noticed that Persona 5 (My favourite!) is on sale for only £25 over there too so if you love all things Japanese, you should look at the Big In Japan offers over on the PlayStation Store!

Recently I’ve discovered the wonderful voice of George Ezra and it’s such a lovely change to like music that doesn’t eventually bring you down (I listen to a lot of sad songs). Now I can actually drive to college and maintain an upbeat mood! But as we speak I am listening to Placebo and there are no regrets. Sometimes you just need a bit of Molko in your life!

I’ve lost 1 stone with Slimming world! And I plan on going a lot further, but it’s definitely changing my view on myself. I’m a bit more body confident than I was and I’m excited to see that grow as my weight goes down! I’ve even gone back to wearing cute shorts and tights instead of always dragging around heavy, baggy jeans! And tops that aren’t chunky jumpers are appearing in my closet as the sun seems to be shining more and more!

I’d love to know how your lives are going at the moment! Anything you’re excited about? 


5 thoughts on “Life Update #1

  1. I wish you a good luck for your test! I went through the “what do I do?” months too before starting university life, and I spent that time exchanging letters with some new friends that I met online 🙂 maybe go traveling somewhere! ^^
    As of what’s going on in my life right now, I am now in Korea as an exchange student for 1 semester. It’s only 2 months left before I go back to my country, though! This is a new experience for me and it’s been truly fantastic ✨


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