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LaRoc Summer Eyeshadow Palette Review

Summer is closing in and the weather is slowly getting warmer and sunnier! I’m super excited and have been gathering makeup that will look stunning when I’m sitting in the sun. Honestly, I don’t wear much makeup, I’m very lucky to have clear skin but I adore eye makeup! So despite my lack of knowledge when it comes to foundation, concealer and contouring jazz, I’m an addict when it comes to eyeshadows!

I’ve been looking for BIG palettes that’ll give me plenty of bright and vibrant colours to work with that have good pigments and will stand out or stay subtle depending on the situation! Usually, I avoid ‘cheap’ makeup because they can look chalky and not very good standard and not last long on your eyes, but the colours in my latest palette last all day with little to no fade in the vibrancy.

I bought the LaRoc Summer Eyeshadow Palette and it’s still in my ‘priority’ makeup box. It has 120 different tones and gives me the variety that I need when I want to experiment with bold colours.

This particular palette is a Beginner’s collection so it can be said that this is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, and would be easy to use by young teens!


In this photo, I’ve only used the medium browns as I wasn’t going anywhere fancy, but even the brown tones can be so rich and make your eyes pop without having to dabble in blues or greens to get the wow factor. My favourites are the shimmery and speckled tones they’ve added! I’m a sucker for eccentric colours that are bright and colourful so this hit the spot just right for me!

A great thing about it is that it’s kind to all skin types! I’m picky about my skin and hate it when makeup agitates my eyes so it’s refreshing to have such a big range of colours without any of them making my eyes tear up and ruin it.

I would have loved for the colours to be named but it’s not much of an issue, I just like to refer to colours in names instead of ‘the lightish light shade of pinkish blue?’ I can always make up my own!


And guess what the best part about it is? LaRoc is cruelty-free! Yay! Everyone can enjoy these wonderful products without worry!

You can get the LaRoc Summer Eyeshadow Palette here for £5.99! That’s super awesome! I definitely recommend this palette for all Summer lovers, it’s a fantastic way to show your daring side as well as giving you the daily soft look! I know I’ll be spending my wages on their other wonderful products!

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