Skin products I’m loving

I never used to be one to buy products for my skin until recently and I was missing out big time! There are so many wonderful creams/lotions, sprays etc out there for our skin and they do wonders, helping us to relax and feel pampered! I’ve bought a bunch of products and some of them have just been divine!


Prada Candy Lotion

First of all, I have to say how gorgeous the bottle is! It looks so elegant and satisfies my girly side! The lotion itself smells lush and has helped make my skin silky soft! I absolutely LOVE the vibrant pinks on the bottle and packaging!





Multi-Purpose Cream

I haven’t found many moisturisers I like so finding this has made my life so so much better! It absorbs into my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling oily at all! This was a gift and I haven’t used it as much as the others, as it’s mainly used for tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, but I thought I’d give it a try because it’s meant to help even out your skin tone as well as moisturise.



Body Butters

My favourites! They smell so so good and make me feel super pampered and relaxed, especially going to bed smelling like coconuts or oranges! I’ve found that they leave my skin feeling very hydrated too!



Jack Wills Bath Set

I’m always after bath sets. I adore my bath times and it’s the place I can really pamper myself and help my body refresh and distress. This set came with a whole new range of lotions I could choose from as well as a body spray (I’ve never really used them) which was a lovely surprise and smells pretty.


What are your favourite beauty products?

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