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Valeria Card Kingdoms Review

Me and Adam have recently obtained a rather impressive board game collection and the other day he decided that Valeria Card Kingdom was next on the list. I was sceptical because honestly, I prefer board games to card games because I enjoy the little figures and moving them around a board but I was open to his suggestion.

The box instantly gave me a good vibe, the artwork is gorgeous and as I dove in to see the cards inside, I could see that the standard of illustration kept going throughout the set. Each card had a different character/monster/domain illustrated onto it and each was as awesome as the last. I was excited to learn how to play!


The rulebook was pretty straightforward and learning how to play didn’t seem like a chore as have a couple of others we have tried. Basically, each player is competing to become the next king of Valeria and they do so by recruiting citizens, fighting monsters and obtaining domains. There were differently shaped counters for money (currency), magic (Can substitute gold or strength), strength (Used to fight monsters) and victory (What you need to win), which were all a lovely surprise as they were solid and different colours and shapes depending on what they were for, making them easy to separate.


You get 2 die with it as well, which are huge! I found it hard to roll with them (I have tiny hands) but the numbers are easily read and if you drop one off of the table, it won’t take forever trying to find it again. Even the design of the die was super pretty, they were dark with a marble pattern around them and the numbers themselves were light so were easy to see.


In the base game, you get a good variety of citizens, monsters and domains so that replayability doesn’t seem repetitive. But, without expansions, I can see how it would get samey after a few turns. We bought the expansions and they definitely add more depth to the game, not only adding more to the base cards, bt introducing cards that bring new rules and adventure to the game.


The feature I absolutely adored is that you play as a Duke (The one who wants to become king) and each one has a different goal. The card could ask you to recruit certain citizens or kill certain monsters or both to add more points to your score at the end! So whilst competing to be king, you’re doing it in the way your Duke wants and sometimes they want it a really hard way!

We’ve played Valeria a good load of times (Adam’s better at it than me…and keeps a score of it) and I love it! It’s fun and easy to learn and has great replayability which can be tough to find in card/board games. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a bit of adventure-themed fun!

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