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4 things I’m Grateful for!

Recently I’ve felt very unmotivated and worried about the future with very little reason. I have a lot of things going super well for me and yet I still feel lost and sometimes hopeless about how it’s all going to go. I think that it’s so important that in these moments of feeling like I’m floating around in space and not really getting anywhere, that I remember that actually, I’m going to a lot of places and have a lot to be grateful for.

For the moments where I feel lost, I wanted to have my own list of what I’m grateful for, and hopefully, these silly moments won’t feel so scary.


I’m ridiculously lucky to have found my life partner so young. He’s seen me through my worst and has been so supportive of me and constantly shows me that I’m loved. It’s a very special thing, and it definitely makes me push myself forward when I feel stuck because I know he’ll be there. I love him to bits and every minute spent with him is a blessing.

College & University

If you’re proud of yourself, you should say it without feeling cocky. I often overlook my progress in college and doubt myself a lot, and yet I’m succeeding despite that. To be honest, I think that because it’s all happening so fast, it scares me and so I forget how lucky I am to have the chance to prove I can do something I never thought I could.

Fiona & Bob

Adam’s parents are two of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They’ve supported me through it all, they’ve helped me when I’ve needed things for college or just life in general, and the love they show for me as if I was their own is a treasure. I love them as my second parents and am incredibly lucky to have them in my life.

My Parents

My mum is the most open-minded, quirkiest human being I have ever met and I love it! She has always had my back and I’m so so grateful that she’s still here. She reminds me that the things I stress about are really nothing and that it’s not worth losing out on happy moments for. Losing my dad hit us all very hard, especially my mum, and she still manages to smile and laugh with me. She’s such a star and I love her so so much!

Losing my dad was devastating. But I will always be grateful for the time I did have with him, and all the things he taught me. I can speak fluent Spanish thanks to him! That’s a gift I will always have with me and can pass to my children someday. His love was extraordinary, he has gone through so much before having me and I will always be proud to be his daughter. I miss him so much and wish he was still here, but I’m grateful that I can call such a person my dad.


What are you grateful for? Remember them when you feel lost. 

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