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Pups and Anxiety

Lately, my anxiety has increased from being slightly nervous about driving to feeling super anxious about going out of the house on my own. It’s awful! I feel like I’ve lost my independence because I’m so used to going out to the shops or town with people, not on my own. I’ve tried to take steps in getting back to being myself, but the thought of going outside is super daunting these days! And because it’s Easter break, I’m not even going to college which helped a bit because I was doing that on my own.

Having my pups around me makes me feel so much better about it all. They never judge me and always have a little way to make me smile. Who couldn’t be happy around Chihuahua’s anyway? They’re too cute for words and they care. When I need to go outside into the scary world, it helps that when I come back exhausted from the stress of it all, they’ll be there to jump around me (and on me) and shower me with kisses and cuddles! They help so much with my anxiety by just being silly little things!

I’ve always wanted a dog (and a cat) and have always been told that having a fluffy companion would do my mental health the world of good! I did have a kitty called Tom when I was younger and he was such a special kitty and would always sit with me and let me hug him if I felt low. And now I’ve got 3 gorgeous girlies that have picked up that role! I’m seriously such a lucky girl to be able to snuggle with them, and they make me feel like I’m much more capable than I think because they’ll love me no matter what!

When I first went to live with Adam I was introduced to Luna and not having had any dogs beforehand I was in love with her! She was so affectionate and loving and still is, but I felt like I definitely missed out on seeing her as a puppy and bonding with her in that way. His parents told me they were going to get another puppy for me, and I was just shocked! Such an amazing life-changing gift of a best friend! We found her on pets 4 homes and went to get her a good hour away from us and to be honest, the house we got her from did not look as if they bred them with much care. And there were loads of dogs out in the garden! She was meant to be half Chihuahua and half Shih Tzu, but as soon as we got there, it was obvious there was nothing Shih Tzu about her! But I didn’t care, she was so small and cute and I had already fallen in love with her little floppy ears. Honestly, seeing Chewie grow up from a puppy was such a special experience and she is SO like me! She sleeps so much, is always up for a snack and talks nonsense for ages! Listening to her chat away always brings a smile to my face! Then, of course, we got Bobbie a year later and we got to experience seeing her grow from a tiny puppy to a very small dog!

Having these little creatures around has given me a shocking surge of positivity. My anxiety doesn’t get as bad as it did and when I feel low, they can always change that very quickly!



4 thoughts on “Pups and Anxiety

  1. My cat was a massive comfort when my anxiety got bad always there for a cuddle without me having to ask. Almost a year ago my nana passed away and I took her dog in, this has helped my anxiety come on in leaps and bounds. I think it isnt just the personalities its the responsibilty of taking care of them that helps ease my mind.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your nana xx and am happy that your furry friends give you comfort x And I agree, the responsibility of looking after them gives you more of a routine and having someone to care for is always wonderful!


  2. I am exactly the same! I got my dog Oliver from Pets 4 Homes and he was about an hour away! He always brightens up my day. When I used to have a pretty stressful job I would come home on my lunch and hug him for like 20 minutes and he’d make me feel better. Dogs are so loving and fantastic for anxiety. I’m always saying to fellow anxiety sufferers that if they have the time they should get a dog. Great post x


    1. I completely agree! Dog’s are such gorgeous and loving companions and perfect for anxious folk like us! xxx Oliver sounds like the perfect buddy to come home to after a hard day xxx


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