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5 Things to do when your internet is down

Recently my internet decided it needed a break for an entire day and honestly, I felt like I was going to be completely lost without it! How will I survive without checking social media and my blog for a whole day? Well, it turned out pretty well and I really enjoyed my day’s break from the internet! I was much more productive without it and went back to hobbies and pass times I used to adore before I became more internet addicted!


I LOVE to draw and doodle! It’s one of my favourite things to do but with college, the blog and everyday tasks I just haven’t been able to sit down and just draw to my heart’s content. It’s so relaxing and only requires some paper and a pen or pencil!

Board Games

For Christmas, Adam and I got a bundle of board games to play and due to busy busy days, they’ve been sitting in a corner. Without the means to do college work for the day, I felt like I was given an extra day to just be me and do what I’d like to without feeling guilty for not working. I loved spending part of the day playing games on a board with physical dice to roll! Fantastic!

Watch a good old DVD

Netflix is fantastic for films but it doesn’t have everything you could ever love. I have a decent collection of some fantastic blu rays and yet I never watch them. I never take the time to just put the disc in, snuggle up with blankets and watch something I can’t get on Netflix. I loved watching an old favourite or two without having to go through lists and lists deciding on what to watch.

Read those books you’ve put to one side

I’ve had so many books gifted to me or that I’ve bought myself and haven’t had time to complete and it sucks! I love being totally submerged in a story and not coming out until the very end! I’ve gone through books in a night and have just been left astonished at what I’ve just been through! It’s so rewarding.

Pets and walks!

Taking a stroll down your local forest, park etc can be so calming and give you a lot of perspectives. I’ve had many a good idea and inspiration from a little walk around my local park. And if you have dogs, take them with you! They’ll love you for it even more and you’ll both get some wonderful exercise! And if you have kitties or rabbits or anything else, spending time with them in the house is just as rewarding! Give them cuddles and play with them and spend your time with your furry friends!

What activities do you do when the internet is a no go?

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