April 2018 Goals

Yet another month has gone by making the year seem like it’s going super fast! March has been a month of some downers as well as uplifting moments! It’s also one of the crucial few months left for me to get my college work done and dusted and get my place at Uni!

So March’s goals were mostly achieved or are in the process of being! I’m not kicking myself if I’m not quite there with goals I’ve made as long as I keep trying if they still make me happy! I’ve attended MOST of my classes in March (A whole lot more than I was doing) and it really helped me keep on track and showed me how attendance is really important. Weight loss is still an ongoing thing, of course, I’ve lost 1 stone and it’s shown me that as much as I’d have liked to have lost more, I’ll do it in my own time. Adam’s birthday was a lovely day and I think I made it a really lovely day! And when it comes to stressing about things, that’s a work in progress, I still stress a lot!

So in light of my continuous changes, I’ve set out some goals this month that’ll just keep me making positive changes!

Wear clothes that I want to wear

Since I’ve gained the weight, I’ve been hiding in baggy jeans and jumpers because I couldn’t accept how I was and that really saddened me. But I know that I’m doing something about it because it doesn’t make me happy, and with that, I want to start dressing in nice things that I LOVE to wear! I’ve limited myself far too long and I’m ready to be a sassy thing!

Hand in all of my assignments!

I have 3 assignments to write up in the following week and 1 extra that I have to adjust. I’ve been stressing over the upcoming final exam in Biology so my coursework has been all over the place because I don’t know where to focus first! But I’m determined to get them done to an awesome standard!

Call mum every day

I’m bad at phones full stop. I find it awkward and blah but it really makes my mum smile when I call and I don’t do it enough, so this month I’m going to start calling her every day for a little chat because I love making her smile!

Organise the house and keep it that way

I’m so bad at being organised and it shows! My college work is partially on the floor, on my blogging table and in a bag somewhere. My blogging stuff is all on a table that is messy and impossible to take pictures on because of the clutter! My clothes end up in different rooms until they’ve somehow disappeared entirely. It’s awful! So I’m going to go room to room, section to section and organise it! And keep it that way!


What are your goals this month?






10 thoughts on “April 2018 Goals

  1. Great goals! I hope you reach all of them. For me I also have to organize my room, unsure if Iโ€™ll get all that done this month because itโ€™s super hectic! I also have a goal to complete all my certification tests! Hope I get through it all๐ŸŒธ


  2. I love the idea of monthly goals. Mine are to write more, be more proactive with work and to stop being so hard on myself! Also, I am so behind you dressing in what you love, I adore fashion and I think it’s amazing when people have the confidence to express themselves through it.


  3. I love the idea of monthly goals ๐Ÿ’–. Calling mum everyday is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. Iโ€™m totally with you on getting more organised this month. My blogging stuff is crammed in my wardrobe and is starting to fall out now when I open the door ๐Ÿ™ˆ. I really need a clear out ha ha. Have a fantastic April Jennie ๐Ÿ˜˜ xx

    Bexa |


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