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How to Ace that Uni interview

In the past couple of months, I have been going to University interviews and I found that the more prepared I felt, the better it went (like anything)! Any interview can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s for something you really really want and after going through it myself, I’ve found some basic but vital tips on how to make the interview go as smoothly as possible!


Universities are always looking for the confident candidates when selecting new students, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the loudest person in the room. Just be confident in you and your skills and have that known when you’re speaking to them!

Research your course 

They want to know whether you know about the field you’re going to study in and one day work in. Take the time to look at the course page as well as looking into the subject as a whole. For example, I went for Adult Nursing so I looked into the NHS, what it is to be a Nurse and what’s happening recently so that they know I’m up to date and have a good knowledge of the Nursing career.

Ask questions

I know that it isn’t necessary, and sometimes they answer all of your questions before you have to ask anything but finding something to ask can show your interest in the course. My question was what should I do to prepare before starting the course if I’m lucky enough to get a place, which showed them that I’m eager to learn and do the best I can!

Plan your route and get there early

The worst thing is having an interview and panicking on the day because you haven’t looked into the route there, which is as vital as the interview itself because if you’re not there on time you’re not setting a good impression. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and giving yourself a nice early arrival means you can sit and breathe for a bit and prepare your answers even more.

If you have interview exams, revise for them!

Seriously, do! Even if they just want you to do a quick and easy math and English test, make sure you study any example questions and are confident with each subject!


What did you do to prepare for your University interview? (Or any interview)!

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