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Embrace your anxiety and who you are!

I find a lot of ‘easy’ tasks difficult and nerve wrecking. And a lot of the time, when I feel anxious, I hate it! (like most)! I hate how weak it makes me, how hopeless I feel and how limited I become! It’s frustrating as hell! I want to be Nurse and how on earth can I do that if I’m scared shitless (sorry for that) of everything?

Embrace it! 

Anxiety is a pain in the ass but think of it as a puppy (or kitty if you prefer). When something presents itself and has the potential (even if it’s the tiniest potential) to hurt you, this little puppy doesn’t want you to get hurt so it’ll whine and tug at your shoes to pull you away from it and protect you from whatever it is. See? It’s really not a bad guy, it just wants to make sure you’re safe! And if you’ve been hurt a ton, of course, anxiety will get stronger and stop you from doing things that are easy for others. That’s okay.

Train it. That sounds horribly blunt and stupid because it’s not that simple. I know, it’s not, I struggle with it all the time, but like a pup, training it will stop it from pulling at you, from whining and crying for you to stay away from the dangers of the outside world. Try doing little things throughout the day to get that anxiety to calm down. Are you nervous as hell to talk on the phone like me? Make the simplest call. To a shop to ask when it closes, or call a family member you’re close to and breathe! (Always breathe). Small things matter, and if you do small tasks towards training it, it’ll behave and leave you alone more.

Work together. Anxiety is there for a reason, and it belongs to you! And it’s how we can assess actual danger, and being anxious makes us rather in tune with our gut feelings (if not a little too much). Some scenarios like walking to the shop isn’t a threat, but walking in the road when cars are clearly coming is. Anxiety about crossing roads can be accepted, you can allow your puppy to ward you away from certain things and keep it unfocused on what you’re trying to accomplish. Your anxiety is as much a part of you as your skills, your wit, your awesomeness! So make it awesome! Don’t be angry at it, anger can only make anything worse.


I do apologise for the lengthy talk but it’s seriously amazing what embracing your anxiety can do! Mine isn’t exactly going away anytime soon so why can’t I just enjoy it for what it is? 



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