Things I’ve learned being back at College

I’ve given education a go multiple times and each time I’ve chickened out or was just being a teenager and focused on other things like boyfriends, drinking with friends and all the silly things that no longer drain my attention. I remember having arguments with my art teacher because she would talk down to us (sometimes leaving us in literal tears) and as a result, I was told that I was a tyrant. (great teaching guys)!

I also remember enjoying the social side as well as being super artsy (I took fine art, graphic design and psychology) but I never really put any effort into the education side of college ever. I don’t really regret it though because if I had succeeded back then, I would never have met Adam, I’d have moved away from home into a Uni before I was truly ready and I would have struggled.

So! I’m more than halfway through college at the age of 23, studying Adult Nursing to become a Palliative Nurse some day. It’s a lot different to being an art student, and in some ways its a whole lot easier because I don’t have to create something entirely new, I simply have to learn what’s already there and know it well. And through this year, I’ve learnt a few things being back in college!

No matter how old you are, to college, you are always a child

Yup. Some of the people in my class are a bit older than me too, and we do still get treated as if we’re still 16. We’ve had a teacher leave without reason, we’ve had other teachers not tell us why we’ve been told that whatever he taught us before is all wrong leaving us in a panic! It’s silly and I understand that they can’t really disclose information but the way we’ve been ignored has felt very much like we’re children.

Gossip thrives no matter how old you are

I swear the amount of gossip about other people is beyond astounding since I’ve been back at college. It’s just a thing people do and to be fair, the gossip that happens around me is very mild most of the time but I dislike the fact that we’re there to study how to look after people, and yet there are negative words being passed along. Don’t get it.

College is never as secure as they say they are

I mean literal security. We get told regularly that we MUST ALWAYS carry our ID cards in college so that they can see who’s meant to be there and who might be a threat. BUT after about 9.30am no one’s arsed at the door! The number of times I’ve forgotten my ID card and have glided through the doors to my class without any trouble! It’s not such a big deal, but once we were having lunch and a random man was sitting there with a sharp bloody rock and the security (the caretaker) just told him to get a badge (he clearly wasn’t a student!) and walked away, leaving this man unattended again!

Socialising is so good though

College, as much as I’ve ranted about it, is still an awesome way to socialise and get more confident in groups! Especially in a class with answering questions and sharing notes, socialising is just something you have to do and it’s awesome!

It’s never too late

I always had this idea in my head that once you hit a certain age, college was a no go and all I could do was get a little job somewhere (which I did, and loved too!). Of course, I could have been happy with that, but especially after my dad died, I wanted to strive and finally push my limits to achieve something I’d be proud of forever! And it doesn’t matter what age you are, and to be honest, I wasn’t ready for the commitment until now. And it was so good to see that education was still a choice!


Did/Have you returned to college in your 20s? How did you find it? 

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