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VR Here in Liverpool +

On Saturday Adam and I were invited to try out VR at VR Here in Liverpool, and we were really excited to see what it was like (we’ve never tried VR before). We were welcomed by Bryan who talked us through what was going to be happening during our visit and explained about the equipment they have there. As soon as you walk in, you can see the impressive layout of each cubicle (they have 4) which were all built by the staff! It’s the perfect place for parties and days out!


We were strapped in with the HTC VIVE headset and two controllers, one for each hand and were standing in our own cubicle beside each other. You can hear each other as well as the sounds coming from the games you play so you can communicate perfectly. Bryan took us through several games, the first being more of an experience, standing on an ocean bed and being surrounded by water! It was amazing! The fish swam away when we went near them, the jellyfish were huge and the Whale was just incredible. And that was just the tip of what we did during our visit as we got to see what VR really provided and what it was capable of. We tried shooters and were able to work as a team, seeing each other in the game was so cool! Even when we played against each other.


Seriously, my impression of VR was always that it was going to be ‘okay’ but not brilliant, but after spending time playing in a big space with the best equipment available, it’s clear to me that VR is an incredible experience you can never obtain by just playing games on a PC or console. Being able to turn your head all the way around and see the game around you is what I as a gamer have wanted since I was a kid! Being able to interact with objects and just explore openly without much restriction is a perfect playtime for anyone.


VR Here is a dedicated VR Arcade that’s located in Liverpool and has been open since 2016. It’s still a rather new idea here in the UK, and VR Here was the first solely dedicated room scale VR arcade to open! They have 4 booths that are 15 by 15 feet and can facilitate both single and multiplayer experiences between players. The staff are super friendly, it’s a comfortable environment where you can experience VR to the best quality standard.

They offer 30-minute sessions at £20 per booth and £30 for an hour per booth! I’d recommend getting an hour in at least! When you’re immersed in VR, time goes so quickly.

As well as offering sessions in their booths, they can also deliver the full experience to other locations! That can be for anything from birthday parties, stag do’s or even just a VR party in your own home! They are subject to availability and are £50 per hour, or if you want to be able to play with friends in multiplayer, it is £100 per hour. They aren’t restricted to delivering just in Liverpool so even if you’re not in the area, they are able to take it to you! How cool is that? You can have VR come to you!


I absolutely loved my experience there, it is an absolute must try and once you’ve tried it you’ll want more! I know I do! We’re going to book some sessions for Adam’s birthday soon and we can’t wait to get back in the gear!

I recommend VR to anyone and everyone! It’s something that you can’t experience anywhere else and with the space and assistance that VR Here offers, it’s the best place to give it a go!

For you lovely readers, I was generously given a discount code by VR Here for you to use! The discount code is welcometovr and will give you £5 off! And here’s a little tip: use the code per person instead of for the whole booking!

You can book a session on their website here!

They have a facebook group where you can see live streams of gameplay! You can see that here! 








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