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My Persona 5 themed plan

Okay so as you know by now, I LOVE Persona 5. I have spent too many hours playing it and I’m still nowhere near completing it…and even when I do I’ll be replaying it.

In a previous post: How Persona 5 made me better, I discussed how playing Persona 5 has actually made me more aware of how I use my time. And with this, I decided to make a personal plan based off of the stats in the game to help me keep to important tasks during each day in a fun way that I’ll see as entertaining even if the task is tedious like washing the dishes!


So here is the prototype! It is super rough and is only really for my use because at this point I think only I can figure out what’s going on! I’ve made a bit of a mess of it! But basically, I listed activities in categories like in Persona 5 and whenever I do one of these activities, I earn points in that category. AND as an added bonus, I’ve given myself rewards at 50 points each (which will take a while, making it more rewarding at the end) and have added example rewards for myself!

If I reach 50 in all categories, I’m allowed to treat myself to a big reward! Yay!

An example could be: If I attend 2 classes, I get 4 points in knowledge because I’ve done an activity that contributes to that attribute! And over time, I’m hoping that my capacity to learn will improve because I’m encouraging myself to do well using this Persona inspired plan! It’s a work in progress but hopefully, in the future, I can make it a bit more usable for others!

I’ll make another post when I’ve used my plan for a good while to see how well it went as my little experiment!

What do you guys think of this plan?

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