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Laura Ashley Hand & Nail Cream Review

I’m constantly using my hands (As we all are) and recently I’ve begun to notice that my hands have become dry, especially now that the weather is bitter. I’ve never been one to be consistent with products that take care of my skin and now I’m thinking I’m seeing why people do. I do a lot of typing, drawing and writing so after a while, the dryness has actually begun to make parts of my hands sore when I do too much. It’s not painful as such, but it feels like this is the time to start caring for myself better, starting with my hands.

I grabbed myself the Laura Ashley Hand and Nail cream mainly because the packaging looked pretty and if it helps look after my nails too, I don’t have to worry about my nails in the future.


I loved the little box it came in, it just looks so fancy! And to my delight, it’s a really nice cream! It smells pretty, I thought it’d smell a bit chemically but it actually does have a nice soothing smell to it. The cream itself is smooth on the skin and does seem to make a difference to the dryness of my hands. There’s no stickiness or oiliness you have to deal with after either, your hands pretty much soak it in and that’s that!

After a few days of using it regularly (several times a day), I have found slight differences in my hands. The dry patches are less dry, my nails might be stronger but who knows yet! I definitely don’t feel the soreness as much and when I do, there’s a longer gap in between the times they feel sore.

Overall, if your hands are suffering from the harsh weather and general usage, give this cream a go! It’s wonderfully soft and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth!


3 thoughts on “Laura Ashley Hand & Nail Cream Review

  1. I’m always on the hunt for new hand creams to try out, this one sounds lovely! If ever you need a good saviour for dry hand, I highly recommend The Body Shop – Hemp Hand Cream, it has saved me many times!

    Han x


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