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Top 5 co-op games to play together!

Being part of a gamer couple means that when we’re on our own games, we spend a lot of time not talking. It’s not a bad not talking, it’s just that we’re doing our own thing. But when your hobbies are identical, why not find things you can do together? It is super important to spend quality time together and the best way is to do something you both love!

Online multiplayer is fantastic, you can play so much from playing Overwatch to playing Albion Online, but when you’re still facing opposite walls, it can still feel a bit disconnected, so I decided to find some wonderful co-op games you can play together side by side!

Diablo 3

If you love smashing through monsters and doing gear grinds, Diablo 3 is perfect for you! The story is epic and the armour sets you can get are so cool! The best content is endgame, so after an awesome storyline, you get an even better experience and better loot! It’s an awesome game to play together!


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This game is just too funny, the characters make you chuckle and oh my, the levels get harder and make you yell at the screen but in a fun loving way! It does get tricky and for two people it might be rather challenging but that’ll just bond you together after you’ve served food successfully! Seriously, it is SO fun!

Any Lego game ever

Any at all! Lego games are fantastic co-op games, they’re hilarious and you can most definitely find one that’s from a franchise you both like such as Marvel or Harry Potter! It’s a good way of playing together without frustrations because their games are so relaxed.

Portal 2

Okay so, it can be challenging to work together without stepping on each other’s toes, but it’s an excellent teamwork game and when you complete each puzzle, you get to have little high fives and spend time together.

Don’t starve together

It’s a different art style to a lot of games, but I think that’s what makes it adorable in its own way. You have to try and survive a rather creepy environment together and to be honest, it’s better than playing alone (super creepy)! If you love survival games then this is an interesting version that you can play side by side with your other half!


What co-op games do you guys play? I’d love to know of others out there!




6 thoughts on “Top 5 co-op games to play together!

    1. It’s super fun and gives you a lot of entertainment and frustration haha! I completely spaced out and forgot Castle Crashers! It’s so good, another recommendation for sure! xxx


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