My Weekly Loves!

I know I haven’t done one of these for 2 weeks, but everything has just been up in the air with college so I’ve been stressing so much that I didn’t really think ahead! This week has been pretty hectic. I’m finally back on my class register and can let myself into the college building without having to ask someone or sneakily slip in with someone else. But we had rumours circulating about our teacher (who is just off sick), some being that he was suspended for faking grades, others that he was bloody dead and it was just so annoying that no one in college would tell us anything for a good while, leaving us in the dark! But finally, it’s all been cleared up and we can actually learn something.

But regardless of all that nonsense, I still have some loves to share with you from this week!

Slimming World Progress

I lost another 0.5lbs this week! Okay so it’s a pretty small loss but with everything that was going on I was a bit naughty and went onto chocolate so the fact that I’ve lost anything is a miracle! I’ve lost 10.5lbs in total so far!

I got an offer from Edge Hill University

On the 16th I went on an adventure with Adam to Edge Hill University! It was so exciting and when I got there, I instantly fell in love with the campus and the buildings, it’s all so gorgeous and they have lakes! It’s so beautiful! I was so nervous these past couple of weeks (ate more chocolate too!) and the other day I found out that I’ve been offered a place and I am so happy!

Adam’s first week at his new job

I’m super proud of Adam starting his new job. He’s been more tired at home which is understandable but he still uses up his last bits of energy spending time with me and I appreciate it so much! He’s been an absolute star and I couldn’t be prouder!

TV shows I’m loving

This week we have been binge watching Mr Robot! I only ever got 3 episodes in but this time we’re going to smash it! We’ve just finished season 1 and oh wow! Just wow! What on earth?! It’s great!


Games I’m loving

Persona 5. It has been ALL about Persona 5! I’ve played it before up until the last bit and then forgot about it despite it being my all time favourite game so far! I think I was too scared for it to end because I was so in love with it! So I’m playing again and this time I’m going to finish it (And then go into New Game plus of course)!

How have your weeks been guys? I’d love to hear about them!


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