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My Time at Portia Review

For a good few weeks now I’ve been dabbling in games not really feeling excitement for any of them or a real urge to play them. I hate it when I don’t have a feel for a game because when I’m invested and enjoying a game, I’m happy and in my element! Games inspire me, calm me, make me creative and all kinds!

Then I stumbled across My Time at Portia! And I love it! I’m sceptical with early access games nowadays because I’ve played a few and as much as I love their potential, the games usually just stay put and don’t improve. But I was so happy to see that Portia isn’t like those games, I see regular updates from the developers at Pathea, and despite being an early access game, it’s fully playable without major bugs or issues, and there is a lot of options and detail from the start!


The fact that you can make your own character alone is always a thumbs up for me, but Portia actually gives your character a voice! A voice! Not enough games do this! The hairstyles and face editing features are simple but enough to give you a character you’ll love without over complicating it. Honestly, sometimes as much as I love in-depth character creations, some games don’t need it. Portia doesn’t need it, you’ll make a character you love with what’s given.

Portia has a very Stardew valley feel to it. In fact, the story of you owning a workshop, being near a town with people you can befriend and marry and the events you attend all scream to me Stardew Valley with a twist. I adore it! I loved Stardew valley and did always want to be able to play a similar game with different graphics because as much as I love pixel art, I also love 3D cartoony styles that pull you in with bright colours! The events are a decent length and update you on what’s going on with the town, highlighting any news that may help you in the game or lead to a quest, and sometimes are simply for the fun of it!


The main way you make money in Portia is to do commissions for the town and its people as well as complete main quests that unlock other areas of the world. I love doing commissions because it’s so satisfying to work hard collecting materials to then make the item needed, and being paid for it! It gives a real sense of achievement whenever you complete a job! You can do farming as well, which of course leads to cooking and making your own outfits! I love making clothes, I love wearing clothes, it’s pretty awesome!

Combat is a big part of Portia. Not too big that you HAVE to do it all the time, but it’s available in the form of wild creatures and Ruins which are basically dungeons where you get the more rare materials. You level up by doing pretty much anything, from battling monsters to picking up a twig so you can get to a decent level to go into the ruins quite quickly. I love the design of the ruins, and they have environmental factors in them too such as poisonous puddles that you have to avoid during a fight, adding to the experience!

When you’re low on ore, you have to go into ruins to collect minerals through mining. It’s quite a different take on mining and is probably more practical. You’re in a very dark cave and just start digging wherever! There isn’t one certain spot you can dig, you can dig anywhere, but of course, the colour of the ground dictates what ores are lying there as well as there being some rarer items you can collect! It’s a big part of building items for the town and better machines for your workshop (And decorating your home)!

All in all, I think My Time In Portia is a FANTASTIC game that doesn’t act like an early access game at all. The mechanics are smooth, and the quest lines all work very well with each other and I have not had one issue with any of it. If you adore farming games such as Stardew Valley, then this is perfect! The progression takes time, which keeps you going and excited for the next project, and each one takes effort on your part in collecting the materials! It’s super satisfying! And they have pink, fluffy llamas!

You can buy My Time At Portia on Steam for £15.99

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