March Goals

I still can’t believe it’s already March! February was quite a good month and I’m hoping that March will be just as full of progress and happy moments!

Before I go into my goals for this month, I want to do a quick recap of how my February Goals went!

My first goal was to begin the process of losing weight. I’ve started going to Slimming world and I love it! The people are lovely and the list of things you can eat is long and fulfilling! I’ve lost a total of 10lbs since I’ve joined and I’m still enjoying the healthy options without missing my old food habits!

Another goal was to spend more time with mum and to be honest, I’ve not done as well as I wanted to. I’ve been up to my eyes in stress with college issues and University interviews and it’s just not been the best month in terms of being there for my mum more, I do feel bad for it.

My final goal was to take better care of myself hair and beauty-wise, and again, I’ve only put my eyebrows on (an essential for me if I’m leaving the house!) and my hair is a tad damaged from lightening it and I haven’t had the funds to get it done properly. Oops!


So it wasn’t the most successful month, but I had a lot of things on my plate education wise. It’s not an excuse, but I’m terrible under pressure (the worst)! But! I am still determined to make goals for myself this month that’ll make me happy so here they are!

Attend every single class

My attendance hasn’t been fab. I haven’t struggled with the work to be honest, but the more I stay off, the more I feel like I’m avoiding the tedious few hours of sitting in a classroom rather bored. It is boring, but it is necessary to get to where I want to be. We aren’t learning how to become a Nurse yet, that’s in University, so the subjects we are studying are quite bland. But, as long as I get to where I want to be, I will make the best effort to attend all of my classes this month!

Adam’s Birthday

Okay so, this may not sound like a goal, but my goal is to make his birthday a happy one. Birthday’s should always be happy, and mine this year was painful because on my birthday last year, I knew I was close to losing my dad. Adam made it his mission to make my birthday this year a wonderful day! We spent it watching black mirror (a fave of mine) in a makeshift den he had made! It was really lovely, so I want to make sure he is smiling all day long!

Get my 2 stone certificate!

I’m about a week away from getting my 1 stone off certificate in Slimming world. And I believe I’ll be NEAR 2 stone at the end of this month, but I may as well aim for the whole 2 so I can start buying pretty clothes I’ll feel good in!

Stop overthinking and overstressing!

The worst thing I do is overthink things and stress about what hasn’t even happened yet. I think up the worst case scenarios and am so focused on them I don’t see that it hasn’t even happened yet, not that it’s not impossible to sort out! College hasn’t made that easy this month, but I managed to sort things out after overstressing about it for the whole month! I want to just stop. Whenever I feel myself overstressing, I’m going to just do something that isn’t related, like play a game or read a book.


What are your goals this month? How did you get on with February goals?


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