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Bloggers I’m loving!


Being new to the blogging world, I’m still finding my feet as we do and along the way I’ve been enchanted by some gorgeous blogs that I adore and can’t help but read whenever I have any free time! It’s given me a new hobby as well as finding new and interesting people who have the same interests as me, and it’s just so exciting!

So I’d like to share the bloggers I’m absolutely loving! Their blogs are wonderful and I encourage anyone and everyone to take a peek!


Whenever I need to smile and see bright wonderful posts, I go to Dorkface! Jemma is such a vibrant and bubbly person and her posts always lift me and inspire me to be myself and as productive as I can be! Her art is absolutely divine too, I always look forward to her new pieces! Please give her some love at Dorkface!

Alisha was one of the first fellow bloggers to reach out and chat to me regularly and it made me feel so welcome and happy since one of the reasons I started blogging was to meet lovely people like Alisha! Her blog is so wonderful and inspirational, I recommend you check it out at AlishaValerie!

Bexa’s blog is always full of wonderful posts about awesome advice and tips that help with day to day life! Whenever I feel stuck, I love looking at her blog and I can always find something that helps. She’s such a lovely person and I’m so happy that I’ve got her blog to read! Check it out at HelloBexa!

Eleanor’s blog is super bright and colourful and she loves all things Disney and geeky and I love that so much! She writes a lot of wonderful advice on life as well as letting us into her life, I recommend you read her posts they are so honest and well written! You can read her posts at EleanorMay!

Maud has a gorgeous blog that’s full of useful and inspirational tips and tales on how to be the best you can be! She writes posts on how we can improve our blogs, as well as how to look after ourselves which is super important! I love reading her posts when I need a bit of inspiration or if I’m stuck. Please give her blog some love at mypassionprojects!


These are a few of the bloggers I am loving so much! Their blogs are awesome, they are awesome and all deserve so much love! 

6 thoughts on “Bloggers I’m loving!

  1. I am new to blogging also. I am actually in the process of writing my first one now. I just subscribed to your blog and I am going to check her out and subscribe to her also. I don’t know how u are liking it so far but, i am loving it. I just hope some people find an interest in my blog. It will be mostly all about Disney but also our family’s adventures in traveling and just day to day life. My daughter who is 9 wants us to start an utube channel this summer. So we gonna give it a try who knows what may come of it. Well it was nice talking to u. Well I did all the talking actually,lol. I am pretty new to all this blogging so if u ever run across one of my blogs honesty tell me what u think. And any time u feel like talking just send me a message. I am a stay at home mom so besides my husband and my one best friend I don’t have much adult communication so I welcome it when I can get it.😀


    1. Its always great to meet new bloggers! I found it a little intimidating ay first but once I started, Ive loved every bit of it. You’ll get to talk to so many like minded people who also blog and share what you’re passionate about with others. Personally, I adore anything disney and prefer posts about day to day life, it helps you get to know the blogger and relate to them so your blog ideas sound perfect! Give it your best and make it something you love xx Ill keep an eye out for your posts, itd be wonderful to chat to you again, and if you need any help or tips just give me a message and ill happily help xxxx


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