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6 tips on how to tackle depression


I’ve suffered from depression for as long as I can remember and when it hits, it hits hard and sucks! Over the years, mine has subsided but not with ease, and I’ve had little ways on how to cope when it comes along.

Now obviously I’m no expert on getting rid of it, nowhere near, and I’m still learning how to deal with it myself.

So I’d like to share how I’ve learnt to tackle depression. They’re how I cope when it comes along and hopefully, it’ll be useful for some of you guys.


Listen to music and let those tears out

Bottling up your anger, your sadness or any negative feeling is bad full stop. It eats away at you and that’s when little things start to set you off shouting or crying in big bursts because you’ve had it bottled inside. Put on your favourite music and cry it out when you’re feeling sad, it’ll make you feel SO much better!


Puzzles, doodling and any mindless distraction

distractions are fantastic repellants of depression because you’re thinking of something else. I find it hard to focus on a distraction, but that’s when mindfulness comes into it. Mindfulness is when you focus completely on one thing, like building a puzzle or colouring in the lines and I suppose it numbs the severe feelings when you’re depressed so that you can then slowly pick yourself back up.


Exercise or punch something!

When I say punch something, I mean a punching bag or a pillow. Don’t go punching hard things that’ll hurt you. Taking up a sport can be so daunting and I for one hate team games, I get anxious with the pressure and just no. But you can do some on your own, like running as fast as you can down the road or dance yourself tired in your living room! Buy a punching bag, put on the eye of the tiger and just hit the thing and I guarantee you will feel all that depression fly away for a while!


Say it all out loud

One of the best remedies is talking. Whether it’s to your closest friend, your partner, your family or even just to yourself, it helps because you’re letting it out. Don’t be afraid of letting someone in (including yourself), if they’re close to you they’ll only want to help and be there for you.



Even if I’m depressed over my weight (Which happens quite a bit), I’ll have a small piece of dark chocolate to cheer me up. It actually does chemically make you happy, so never feel bad for having a bit when you’re down.


Watch your favourite show/movie

Snuggling up on the couch or your bed with your favourite teddies is such a good way of soothing. I love watching Charlie Chaplin, it’s always been a soothing thing to watch when I feel low. Make a mental note of your comfort watches and keep them handy for when you’re feeling down.


Like I said, these are just things that help me and if they can help you then fantastic! But everyone is different, and talking to someone is probably the best thing. Or a pet, pet’s are brilliant listeners!

What do you guys do to ease depression?



7 thoughts on “6 tips on how to tackle depression

  1. Great read, I hope people take onboard some of your tactics.

    In my case I attempt to tackle depression by drinking one of my favourite hot drinks, whilst half covered by a warm weighted blanket. Of course books and other entertainment help, but sometimes having so called childish objects in your environment help: like cute soft toys or a colouring book.


    1. I completely agree with you! Sometimes the best thing for the soul is to return to a childhood comfort like teddies and blankets, they’re simple and remind us of when we didn’t have so much to worry over! xxx

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  2. Thanks for the tips! They seem really useful…..and I may need that chocolate one later, lol. I think it’s good that you make people more aware of the ‘normality’ of depression, and provide some good help! 🙂

    I’ve had depression (and I’m still having some periods where I relapse), and it’s real shit.
    But what helps for me most is talking with people about my feelings, and doing stuff that give me a fulfilling feeling. While I do consider myself an introvert, having some one-on-one time with people and talking to them is WAY better than prolonged periods of being alone, cause I’ll get into my own head and then it gets worse. But being with friends helps 🙂


    1. I’m glad you’ve found my tips helpful xx Friends are definitely such a fantastic way of helping you cope with any depressive feelings, talking gets things off your chest and you’re reminded that you’ve got a lot of love around you 🙂 xx And chocolate is the best medicine haha xxx

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