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3 tips on how to tackle blogger’s block!


We all have moments when we’re stuck on the next blog post and with deadlines we’ve given ourselves, it can be pretty stressful! It’s so important to keep updating our blogs with content that we’re passionate about, but what about when we feel unpassionate or unmotivated for a while?

Here are a 3 ways to tackle your blogger’s block!


Take some time away from online

Sometimes I think we’re too focused on what’s happening on social media to really be able to concentrate on our own blogs. And for me, if I sit and stare at my blank post for too long, nothing’s ever going to come to me. Take some time, take a nice walk or spend time with your loved ones and do something you’ve been putting off because of that busy schedule. Soon enough, inspiration will come from doing something different with your day.


Read some of your favourite blogs

When I’m stuck, I like to go to my favourite blogs and read! It’s so relaxing and sometimes it’ll remind me why I blog, and what I love because the bloggers I follow always come up with fantastic content relating to what they’re passionate about! It helps me remember what I’m passionate about without having to think too hard because I’m too busy having fun reading!


Take some photos for your blog

When writing isn’t happening, try taking some nice photos for your blog for a while. Sometimes the right photo can really inspire great ideas for your next few posts, and it’s super fun organising your props and finding items you adore and might want to post about!


How do you tackle blogger’s block?



18 thoughts on “3 tips on how to tackle blogger’s block!

  1. Great ideas. I find photos are indeed a good prompt to trigger the imagination. So is reading the work of others – anything from today’s news to historical fiction to the work of fellow bloggers. Sometimes, the best way is to go for a walk to free one’s mind. Just don’t forget to pack an index card or notebook to jot down your inspirations.


    1. I find that anything that’s away from my own blog helps more than staring at it blankly. A small difference to the day can really give the imagination that push it needs! Notebooks are just a must everywhere you go, I don’t know what I’d do without mine! xx


  2. These are all really good tips.

    When I have blocks I like to reinspire myself by reading and watching my favourite creators, and learning about blogging growth hacks. I also ask my audience what theyโ€™d like to see. That usually helps get the ball rolling again!

    Wunms โ€”


  3. These are fab tips Jennie! ๐Ÿ’– I agree that taking a break can spark new ideas. My favourite thing to do is go for a walk and listen to a podcast to feel reenergised. Also, thatโ€™s so true – a photo can inspire a whole new blog post! Great post lovely ๐Ÿ˜˜ thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ’• xx

    Bexa |


  4. These are such simple tips but they’re things that I’m sure most people would often forget to do (I know I would.) The saying a picture speaks 1000 words can be so true sometimes so some good photos are always a good start to a blog post! I’m guilty of not being able to switch off from social media but I think it’s important to take time out for yourself sometimes!

    Jess xx


  5. love this blog-post.bloggers’ block is so annoying, and these tips seem to be really helpful.i also love your hair so much!great blog<3id love for you to check out mine too.keep writing<3


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