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Hot Toys Suicide Squad Harley Quinn


On Christmas day, I received my favourite character in Hot Toys form! It was a prezzie given to me by my Fiance Adam and mamma Pam, and honestly, I am in love with it!

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad is my favourite version of her, as it gives her character more spark than just a ditsy little thing. The Hot Toys 1/6 figure of Harley truly is a work of art!

Let’s start with why we all get these lovely figures. The face. Harley’s face is extremely realistic and alike to her in the movie, and each feature has had thought put into it. I adore the details in her eyes and the expression is just to die for! The hair is well painted and shaped, and I do love that the pigtails can come off when you’re fiddling about with her (Means I don’t break her).




Her clothes are wonderfully crafted, the rips and detail that went into her top are wonderful to see and the shoes…the shoes are just fabulous all out. I wouldn’t dare take them off to remove some of the plastic in case I snapped one, but it doesn’t show too much. I did worry about the mesh tights, but when I looked closer, they are built in with her leg so they don’t come off unless you popped her leg out, making them fit nicely without slipping.

She comes with lots of little accessories including her little silver bag, some extra hands and her iconic jacket!

This Harley is a must for all 1/6 figure collectors who are fans of anything DC. She’s so well detailed and I’m never selling her ever!



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