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How I met Adam


February is the month where we celebrate our significant other, and yes we should celebrate them every month but valentine’s day gives us that extra excuse to fuss over them!

I’ve been with Adam now for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier. He is the male version of me and I couldn’t ask for a better life partner! So I’d love to share how we met!

We both enrolled at Liverpool Community college to do a Game Design course, which was awesome by the way! We didn’t complete it because, after the first year, we felt like we got what we truly needed and wanted to do other things career-wise. But it was so fun, the people were gorgeous and it was just such an awesome environment to be in! Everyone was nerdy, a little odd but in the best way, kind and NO gossiping. Wow! I miss that sometimes!

Honestly, the worst part of studying Nursing in college is that there is a LOT of bitching, and I don’t do that. I’m 23 and it’s something that should be left in adolescence if anywhere. But I suppose gossiping happens everywhere, we just have to choose not to indulge and to be the better person!

When we first started college, I remember seeing Adam and thinking ‘wow he is cute!’ but truth be told I was with someone else at the time. Yup, I was in a relationship already so obviously nothing could go on. Adam was single and did like me too but of course, after knowing I had someone, he didn’t try anything silly. He’s always been a very respectful person. But we, along with a couple of other people, became best friends in college. We all got along, we sat together, had lunch together and when we got home, we played games together (Something I also miss since no one plays games in my class now).

I remember Adam telling me he was going on a date with someone, and honestly, I was a little disappointed because it was always like something was supposed to happen with us and if he found someone too, it may mean we lose the chance one day. It sounds harsh, but my relationship beforehand wasn’t a bad one, we were basically friends and yes we liked each other, but it wasn’t something either of us saw as a lifetime deal, we were just enjoying the company for a bit. Then I asked Adam sneakily about how his date went (Not great) and turns out he got a new little puppy (Luna, my wing girl) that same night and that pretty much took him away from this date (yay).

Then in the following January, my relationship stopped because he got a job that was just silly hours so we decided to just let it go really before it became a bad break up. And a few days later, me and Adam were talking on Teamspeak until silly o’clock, and I took the first plunge to say I wanted to be with him. I’m not an assertive person, I am shy and anxious but with Adam, it was easy to be like ‘look. We belong together right?’ and he agreed (Thank god, imagine if I had it wrong)! We got together on the 5th of February after a couple of dates and that was that!

We had our first kiss in the college elevator. We got engaged in Spain and got two more chihuahuas to add to the family! We’ve been through losses in each of our families and some arguments that were tough, but we’re still as loved up as we were, if not more so! I wouldn’t be who I am now without him, I was seriously a wreck when he came along and stuck it through like the brave trooper he is!

Anyway, thank you for reading my ramble! How did you and your other half meet? I would LOVE to read about it!


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