My weekly loves!


This week has had its ups and downs, from losing more weight to my college seriously letting me down. They told me I didn’t need a loan, then halfway into it, told me I did! That led to me being locked out from college doors, the computers and being told I can’t attend class. What?! Plus, my teacher doesn’t look at my work, and usually I have to go home and teach myself because they sit there talking about other things, but hey ho! Sorting it out, and hopefully, I can just get on with it.

Anyway! Despite that mix-up, I can still think of things I am loving this week!

Slimming World Update

So this week I lost an extra 2.5lbs, which is 5.5lbs overall! It’s only been 3 weeks since I joined but knowing I’ve almost lost half a stone already is pretty awesome! Soon I’ll be able to walk into Primark and actually find stuff that fits without reaching into the back of each rack! Yay!

Interviews with Universities

I’ve received two wonderful invitations to interviews at John Moores and Chester University and I am so happy that they’d even consider meeting with me. I’ve been through many a college course, but this is the one I’ve stuck to and am doing well in, so the fact that Uni’s want to potentially let me study with them is just so amazing!

Games I’m loving

This week has been a lot about Horizon Zero Dawn! I’ve progressed a lot and I’ve found that finding time to play games makes me oh so happy! Since college started, I set aside video games (My all time love!) and missed them oh so much, so I’m making more time to fit them in!

I’ve also started replaying Diablo 3 with Adam. It is ALWAYS a welcome game in my collection because not only can I smash through monsters mindlessly, I can do it with the person I love the most! I also got the Necro expansion, which is fabulous!

TV shows I’m loving

Rick and Morty has been a love in my life, and I am shocked at the lack of merch I have for it! (I want it all!) And I recommend it highly to anyone anywhere! The comedy is just spectacular and when the deep moments hit, oh wow they are deep!


I hope you all had a lovely week! I’d love to hear about it!



2 thoughts on “My weekly loves!

  1. Im not a huge gamer myself, but I enjoy watching them! Im a little uncoordinated when it comes to using a controller haha (I’m still learning). My boyfriend loves them and I loved watching Horizon Zero Dawn its so pretty with just a interesting story :).


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