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Things to do when you’re blue


There are a truly ridiculous amount of days I spend feeling down in the dumps, and then I feel more down thinking about the fact that I’m having an off day and there goes the endless cycle! It’s so hard to get out of a rut, whether something has triggered a bad moment or if it’s just out of the blue.

If anything, I want to share some of my coping methods just in case they help someone, because there is nothing worse than feeling the worst and not being able to climb out of that hole you’re digging. So here are some things you can do to lessen the blow!


I listen to music when I feel low, as do most, but it has to be when I’m ready to face my sadness more than soften it a bit. Music that I relate to can bring out all of the negativity I feel and somehow let it out without lifting a finger. Just the melodies and lyrics can just lift you so much! Listen to your favourite music and let it vent for you! I listen to Tom Rosenthal when I’m feeling blue.


When I say doodle, I mean doodle. Sometimes if I throw myself into a serious project I find that because I feel blue, nothing is going to plan. So instead, I’ve started just scribbling the odd eye or mouth or cloud on scrap paper to just let my hands wander for a bit! It’s such a lovely release.


Pets are the best. They do the funniest things without thinking and cheer you up more than you can fathom. If you have a pet, just sit with them and stroke/hold them, watch them do whatever they do and just sit. It’s calming, and to be it’s so peaceful to watch these furry family members do their thing!

Go for a walk

Honestly, even in the bitter cold, a walk is so refreshing and will, if anything, take your mind off of whatever is making you feel blue because your nose will feel like it’s about to fall out! Seriously though, exercise is a natural way of boosting your emotions and helping you feel calm and happy, ready to face your fears head on! Take a walk, even if it’s once around the block, it always helps me!


What do you do to feel less blue?

2 thoughts on “Things to do when you’re blue

  1. Hi, great blog.
    Some of my things I do when feeling blue or grumpy, are: watching a favourite feel good film, treating myself to a posh bar of quality chocolate, lighting scented candles, getting a small important task done (sense of achievement), and yoga – it always calms me and makes me feel ‘centred.’
    Oh, and channeling my feelings into a blog! ☺☺


    1. Watching films and having some tasty treats are so good for the soul! And doing something (anything) productive will boost your spirits no matter how simple it is xx You’ve got a brill set of things to do there! xx


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