My weekly loves!


This week has been superb! I’m feeling really positive and have planned out my college work and blog work to co-exist with each other, and it’s slowly getting better!

So here are things that I LOVED this week!

I got an interview with Edge Hill!

I really want to go to University in September, and everyone in my class has been getting their invitations while I sat there with no reply yet. I was completely sure they’d all reject me until I got an email from Edge Hill for an interview! Eep! I’m so excited and it’s given me the drive I needed to finish off my Access year!

Slimming World Progress

I’ve been a bit naughty, not going to lie! But I still managed to lose 3 pounds! Goes to show you can still treat yourself and get the results you want!

TV series I’m loving

I’m currently re-watching Orange is the new black and I’m not regretting the hours I’ve put into it! I love it, I want the new season, and it’s kept me company when I’m stuck on my essays!

Games I’m loving

This week I’ve been back on Warframe, farming and checking out the plains of Eilodin. It’s still bizarre to think we now have an open world to play in, but it still keeps to Warframes style. You also get to fish, and I love fishing in games!

I’ve also been playing Monster Hunter World, which is so cool! (You can fish of course)! I love tracking down monsters and gathering materials to make new gear, I just love grinding to get what you need. And when a massive monster comes out and you have to hide, it gets pretty exciting (And terrifying).

How have your weeks been? 

5 thoughts on “My weekly loves!

  1. Orange is the New Black is one of my favourite series – I absolutely LOVE it! And I need a new season soon! I’ve recently bought myself The Evil Within 2 on the PS4, I was looking for a new horror type game so I’m looking forward to playing that soon! ❤


  2. I’m wishing you all the luck in the world with your journey to Edge Hill uni, I’m more than sure your interview is going to be fabulous. I was a Slimming World member a couple of years back babe so if you’d like any help or advice just let me know. It sounds so silly but last week I loved how busy it all was as I got so much done and sorted. Thank you for sharing 🌸💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |


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