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Maybelline 24 Karat Eye Shadow Palette Review


I always find it hard getting eyeshadows that I would wear on a daily basis. With some, the pigments are too intense or too weak that they take more effort to blend onto my eye with other colours that on a college day, I just don’t want to be rushing around.

So I decided to go on a little mission and find myself a decent sized palette that would fulfil my daily needs and found the Maybelline 24 Karat Eyeshadow palette and it looked so pretty with a variety of colour so I thought why not!

I adore the little cheat sheet on the back that tells me what colours to use because honestly, without it I wouldn’t have thought that some of the combinations in this palette could possibly work well. It gives you a nice and easy guide to which colours should go where as well, so for beginners in eyeshadow it’s a nice little addition.


The pigments aren’t great I have to say, and you really do have to poke at the colours to get enough on your brush before adding it to your eyes. Even the bolder colours need a bit of dabbing before showing up much. Saying that though, with darker colours it can be a blessing in disguise since you can’t really accidentally load your brush too much and darken your eye more than you’d have liked.


Like all eyeshadows, it comes with a dinky little brush which I will not be using. They’re too unprecise and when it comes to blending, you want a nice fluffy brush instead of the spongy heads this one comes with.

Overall, I love the colour combinations you can do with this palette, whether it’s for day to day use or for nights out it’s a good mixture and won’t get boring soon! The only issue I have is the pigment of the colours, but like I said, it may be a good thing since you escape the possibility of overdoing it on the darker colours.

What do you guys think of the Maybelline 24 Karat palette? 

What eyeshadow palette is your favourite?

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