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February Goals


Hey guys! We’ve survived January and now we just have to tackle the rest of the year! This month I’m determined to make something good out of it, so I’ve set myself a few mini goals for this month and hopefully it will be a monthly thing from here on out.


Begin the process of losing this weight

A couple of years ago, I was much more healthy and weighed quite a bit less. I got into the habit of comfort eating and not going out much due to anxieties, which just made me more anxious and self-conscious as the pounds built up and none of my favourite clothes could fit anymore. Nothing worse than some red bubble t-shirts going to waste (They cost a bit). I’m going to save up and start going to slimming world, I’ve always needed a bit of guidance on what to eat and what not to. I’ve also decided to give Just Dance another go (It was what I used when I was fitter) as I’ve noticed a decline in my health and how much I can actually walk without being out of breath. I hate gyms, the thought of being around other people when exercising is frightening so Just Dance in my living room is perfect.


See my mum more often

Since my dad passed away, I’ve become a hermit and not really wanted to do anything, see anyone or leave my home (I live with my fiance). I’ve actually had to build myself up to my now weekly routine of seeing my Mum and taking her shopping. I feel bad since she adores my visits and hasn’t really got anyone else, so I’m going to make an effort to pop by more often and calling every other day.


Take better care of myself (Hair & Beauty)

Again, since my dad passed away I stopped doing my hair or doing any fancy makeup. I love experimenting with makeup and making myself feel really nice and special, but for a while now I’ve just felt crap, to be blunt. But from now on, I want to keep my hair looking lovely, no matter if I’m going outside or not, and do my makeup properly when I am going out (No point clogging my face up when I’m inside). I want to get past that barrier of feeling like I shouldn’t be wearing makeup or fixing my hair really nice because I feel silly. Nope, I’m going to start rebuilding the once sassy little thing I used to look at in the mirror!

What are your goals this month?

15 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Looks like you have some good goals to work towards this month! All of which sound like they can really have a positive impact on your life! Good luck!
    My goals this month are to work hard on my blog and get
    My new website up and running!


  2. I think it’s always good to set goals for how you want to change your life! Good luck with all your goals and I really hope that they make a great impact on your life!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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