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This week’s loves


This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions as I’m waiting eagerly for replies from the Universities I’m applying for! While everyone else in my class is getting their interviews, I’m still in limbo waiting to see whether they’ll let me even have one.

But then there were moments this week that have made me smile beyond belief too. So here’s what I loved this week!


Adam got a job

Adam has been tirelessly trying to find work since his last job and I hated how it made him feel about himself, I saw his confidence decline and I just wanted him to thrive. He got himself a job on Tuesday at our local hospital as a data cleansing something something! I am so happy for him, and can already see that spark coming back! We went out for some Yo!Sushi plus mini golf and drinks in town to celebrate his wonderful self! Well done babe!


Games I’ve loved

This week has been all about Horizon Zero Dawn for me! I played a bit of it when it first came out but never managed to just sit down and play it properly. We bought the Monster Hunter Playstation pro on Friday and I’ve been playing it long and hard! I’ve also dabbled on Monster Hunter a tad but Adam really wanted it so he gets first dibs of course!


Mum’s Birthday

It was my mama’s birthday on Wednesday and me and Adam went over the water to the Irby Mill Pub where she had lunch with her bezzies before we took her home and spent the day with her! It was so lovely seeing her out with her friends.



I always forget to take care of my skin, and this week I’ve started cleansing and it really does show a nice difference. I feel more refreshed and giving yourself a little pampering is always good for the soul.


How has your week been?


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