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Meet the girls!


Being quite an anxious human, I don’t socialise more than I’m comfortable with and awkward social situations just terrify me! Seriously, being stuck in a lift with one other person for several floors is just not an option. Nope. Never ever. I’d sooner take the stairs and I’m not exactly fit as a fiddle!

But! In times where I feel like hiding in a box somewhere, there are three girlies I can count on to sit in that box with me!


Meet Chewie


My gorgeous little girl is two years old and the quirkiest pup I have ever laid eyes on. She is so daft and does the silliest crap sometimes but her heart is as big as yours and mine! When I’m sad, she will sit and talk at me and lick my salty tears (Mainly because they taste like salt) until I smile again. Which, looking at her little face, doesn’t take long at all!


Meet Luna!


Luna is our top doggy of the three being the oldest. She is the most well behaved but in the mornings I will ALWAYS find one of my shoes in her bed with her. Instead of a favourite toy, she has a favourite smelly shoe. Nice. Not to mention this little minx kicks you if you stop stroking her. She’s so fluffy though!


Meet Bobbie!


The smallest of our little gang, but the bravest. She’s only one year old and has already proven her bravery when she was attacked in December. We never heard her complain throughout her stitches or any time after either. She’s truly a little superstar! Bobbie has a tendency to sit on your face. A lot!


What furry amigos do you guys have?



9 thoughts on “Meet the girls!

  1. Haha love it! They all sound such characters! My little squidge is called Bruno, he’s a little pug. 1 years and 4 months old now. Love him so much. His favourite things to do are chase our boxers tails ( I think he’s jealous because he only has a curly pig tail which he can’t reach) Our boxers are called Beau and Buddy. Beau loves to play and his favourite game is fetch. He will play this till the death 💀. Then Buddy, he’s a big jealous grump. He’s a big softy but wants all the attention. He’s not much for play but he just wants to be noticed. Dogs are the best.


      1. I will definitelygey a dog one day once I’ve finisbed uni. I have cats but I know a relationship with a dog is different. I’m training to be a vet nurse so I see everyday how amazing (some, unfortunately not all ) dogs are.

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  2. Awww you have some beautiful pups 🐶☺️ I love dogs and this was simply awesome. Dogs definitely are much easier to socialize with than humans lol. In the first pic Chewie looked sort of like Scooby minus the spots but then I stood corrected when I saw they were chihuahuas. I want a pup so badly. Lovely post hun!

    xx Lena |


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