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This week’s loves


This week has been knackering and I was so grateful for the weekend before starting all over again. I feel like my teachers in college aren’t bothered about anything, and spending £4 on Tuesday for the bus, plus the walk through hailstones, just to have a sit off and highlight words for three hours was just not worth it!

So to think about what I love this week has made me really appreciate the things I do love despite having down days, it’s weeks like this one that is why my weekly loves really are important to me. What have I loved this week then?


Films of the week

Adam has gotten back into his Dragon Ball Z romance since the trading cards came out, and so we watched Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods as well as Resurrection ‘F’. I actually enjoyed Dragon Ball Z (Buu being my absolute favey) and so the movies were really fun to watch, and anything that makes Adam smile is going to make me smile so we both won there.

I picked a film after two nights of Dragon Ball Z and decided to pick another random movie, Bright. The script was a little meh, but all round I really bloody loved it! The concept of fantasy races living with us in modern cities is just cooler than anything! Watch it, and forgive its dialogue choices!


Overcoming Anxiety

At least I’ve done this. Honestly, my anxiety gets too much sometimes and actually stops me from progressing in situations I want to very much progress in. It was my first time volunteering on my own in my local hospice on Wednesday, and I was terrified of saying the wrong thing, mucking up the drinks, getting in someone’s way and so on! But I did it. And it was fine, it’s always fine once you dive in but the anticipation of something new with responsibilities is just unbelievably worrying. I’m very proud of myself for doing it on my own! But I want my partner back next week!


I joined Slimming World And Dined Out

For three years now I’ve felt insanely down about my weight. All cards on the table, I went from a size 11 to a size 17! I know! It’s a horrifying amount to put on and so this year I am determined to start losing it and lose it for good.

As a final hurrah, Adam took me to our favourite restaurant YO!Sushi and it was as tasty as ever and I will miss having our monthly sushi…it’ll have to be more than a month at a time now, I’m determined!


Grace and Frankie 

The new season of Grace and Frankie FINALLY came out on Netflix and I am taking my time with it. It’s so good and a calm, happy series to watch while studying! Check it out, it’s very cute and emotional!

In overview, my week has been pretty productive and I’m excited to see what next week brings!


I hope your weeks were filled with learning something new and happy times! If not, it’s okay, we all have bad ones xx



9 thoughts on “This week’s loves

  1. Me and my 8 year old daughter love going to Yo Sushi. I was looking at Slimming World or Weight Watchers but am going to try on my own first. Big well done for overcoming your anxiety lovely xx

    Stacey |


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