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Plans for my workspace


Being fairly new to the Blogging world, I don’t actually have a space where I take all of my pictures from, work from, study from, sit at and contemplate my content etc. It feels a bit annoying when I have to use the coffee table downstairs, which requires moving everyone else’s stuff off temporarily and shoving it back on after.

My Fiance and I bought a small white table for board games, so I’ve managed to convince him to let me push it up against our lilac wall and decorate that corner of our room for me to work from. As long as it can still be used for board games, I’m all set haha! I thought I’d share my wishlist for what I’m planning for my little corner!


Fairy lights!

100 Warm White LED Fairy Lights On Clear Cable
Photo from Lights4fun website

I need them! I’ve seen so many photos where fairy lights are included and they look fabulous and adorable! They also give off such a nice little additional light. I found a lovely site lights4fun that have loads! I’ll be ordering some on payday!


Backdrops and surfaces!

I’ve noticed a lot of blogs decorate their surroundings in photographs to make them much more professional, bright and colourful, so I want to get some backdrops using wallpaper samples probably from BandQ. I love that these can be used either for the wall or as a portable tabletop if attached to a square of wood or something. I’m going for whites, marble since that seems pretty popular these days and is very bold for photos, and some pinks etc for when I feel a bit snazzy!



Photo from SnazzyNextShop at Etsy

I’ve always adored cute little pieces that make your desk reflect your character. I want to have a tree ornament that can hang my jewellery as well as a couple of candles and a plant (I love cacti). I’ll probably just move my cacti to the desk instead of purchasing more, and candle wise I love Yankee candles!



Daily Planner Notebook, Spiral Notebook A5, Marble Notebook, To Do List Notebook, Undated Planner, 50 Sheets
Photo from kapapers on Amazon

Cute pens, pencils, notebooks, anything that suits my theme will go wonderfully on my workspace and if I use stationary that compliments it, then I’ll also have more to play with when it comes to taking photographs. I’m thinking pastel coloured notebooks with bold words or sayings, maybe some doggy pens and brightly coloured paper to doodle on! Yeah!


Just a few ideas I know, but I have such a limited area for photographs and working on my blog, and I’m so sick and tired of just having plain white all the time!

What cute items do you have on your workspaces?






4 thoughts on “Plans for my workspace

  1. My workspace is pretty simple. A white table with a planner and colourful pens by my side. I’m moving house next month so I plan to decorate my workspace with pretty decor like the fairy lights in your picture. I feel like fairy light plus photos are a must to create beautiful workspace lol.


    1. I think fairy lights just bring a bit of spark to any workplace. Mine’s pretty bare at the moment but I’m determined to make it pretty xx Pictures are such a lovely touch too, they make you smile when you’re feeling stuck xx


  2. My workspace is pretty basic, I used to have a whole makeup room/office in my home but I didn’t feel like it was helping me out so now I have a nine-drawer Ikea with my makeup and beauty stuff in and then another one which has all my stationary and blogging stuff in and I just blog from a small table in my living room. It works a lot better for me so it makes me happy. B&M Stores do the best blogging background props if you’re ever looking for some cheap ones which look more expensive, I highly
    recommend there. 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x
    http://www.alishavalerie.com | http://www.twitter.com/alishavalerie


    1. Ooo Thank you for the advice! I didn’t think of B&M! I went to Asda recently and they have some brill stuff too! xxx I have a basic white table where I blog from but mainly struggle with a decent light haha xx


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