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Mark Hill Essentials Styling Hair kit review


I have terribly flat hair that just gets flatter the more I fiddle with it. I’ve tried sprays, gels, backcombing, the lot! But either the sprays make my hair like straw or the gel weighs it down.

With the sales on at Boots, I thought I’d pop in and find a hairstyling kit that is focused on giving hair volume and ended up with the Mark Hill Essentials Styling Hair kit. I was attracted heavily to the bright colours and the fact it mentioned unicorns on the cover and with the sale it was only £10!

The hairspray has a nice feel to it and doesn’t make my hair feel like straw at all, and when it comes to keeping my hair big and fluffy, spraying it on the under layers of my hair really made a difference and it seems a lot less flat now. It’s amazing for spraying lightly on the top as well after straightening your hair as it cools it down and reduces frizziness! I’m super excited to go out and not have to keep pushing my hair up!


I absolutely adore the polish! At first, when I slapped some into my hand it felt a bit gooey and I thought “oh dear, it’s going to grease up my hair!”, but nope! As soon as I ran it through my hair, it just made it smooth and silky without seeming too oily and the feel is the same, nice and silky. This works to keep hair tidy as well, I’ve noticed that this along with the spray reduces my frizz by a lot!

The kit even comes with cute little stickers! I love little touches like this and will have to find somewhere around my workspace to put them!


Everyone knows the bane of having tangled hair! I’ve dyed my hair a soft pink and getting it there damaged it a tad, so finding a comb that can take my tangles out without pulling too much is a must! The comb from Mark Hill barely tugs on my hair and glides really easily through it, and when I look at it, barely any hair has been plucked from my head. The hair parting clips are so good when I’m straightening my hair and spraying! I’ve been lazy recently and just didn’t bother with them, but when I saw the Mark Hill beauts I thought why not! I remember now why they’re so handy when I’m not scrambling my fingers around my head!

If you’re looking to buy a snazzy cute styling kit, I’d completely recommend this one! I found mine at Boots for £10!

What products has everyone tried while sales are on?

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