College on a Budget


This year is my last year of college (fingers crossed), and then off to University I go! Woo! Managing to get the grades I need plus giving my blog much needed attention and lots of content are all going to be a rather large venture this year, but I’m determined to pull it off!

Not having the best income, getting equipment for college has meant planning ahead and buying mainly for practical reasons rather than for the cool snazzy designs. I do love snazzy but when money’s tight, there’s more of a limit to what you can have.

So off to Asda I went and to be honest, I’ve always liked their stationary section, even as a kid. I got myself a Pukka set which included a nice folder, an A4 pad of paper and a little notebook to write notes in and what have you. It has all served me well and came with two fancy folders to put my assignments and grades into so that was a nice little bonus. I’ve used up the whole of the pad in 2017 and had to buy another, but all went towards my note-taking. The folder is still stuffed into my bag and I will be using it for the rest of the year. I bought the set for about £10 and it was really worth the money.


I also got a set of highlighters and some standard biro pens for notes. They weren’t expensive at all, cost me a bit less than £10 and I haven’t ran out of ink yet so you get your moneys worth there.

My bag plays a big part in my college days since it carries all of my crap around for me. It’s a playstation 1 shaped messenger bag and as tattered as it’s gotten, I do love it.


Transport really bites into my budget, as it costs me £4 for a bus pass or parking, both are the same. The downfall with taking the car is petrol, but when I’m running a bit late it’s the easier option.

Lunches are a pain too since my change goes to my travel and I don’t tend to have much on me to begin with. I’ve started making my own little sandwiches to take with me and keep a bottle of water with me. The last time I bought a lunch in our college canteen, it was £2 for a small wrap and £1 for water. Never again.

So I know I’m not the most organised or sophisticated student so far, but I’m planning on getting better materials and possibly a notebook for University at the latest. Can’t be turning up there with my blue stained bag filled with bundles of paper I know nothing about.

Now I hope you students out there get along alright and don’t have to struggle too much. Just get the bare essentials until you can save up for something snazzy, and to be fair I’ve grown to enjoy scouting for bargains!

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