My loves of the week


This week I started back to college for my last year before hopefully heading to university and overall has been a pleasant 7 days. I thought I’d share what I’ve loved this week with everyone since finding things to smile about is how you beat the blues. I really want to do this on a weekly basis so hopefully, I stick to it!


I love that I’m back in college and am starting to get my schedule back. The Christmas holidays were a break that was super needed but after a while without any routine, I felt more withdrawn. Getting back has already started to reboot my confidence and sleeping pattern!

films of the week

I don’t really watch films unless it’s at a decent bedtime hour with my fiance, but I’ve given a couple on Netflix my attention and surprisingly really enjoyed them. I watched The Little Prince, which my dad read as a kid and I’ve been meaning to watch for a while. I loved it, it was super cute and had a lovely message to go with it.

I also watched something called Nine Lives which was a fun little watch about a dad becoming a cat! The things people come up with are amazing! I’ll definitely be giving random films more of a try!

Game of the week

More than one game at a time is just impossible for me to keep up with, so I’ll just stick to the one game a week on my loves list. This week I’ve been playing World of Warcraft quite a bit whilst watching Netflix on the other screen. Honestly, I never ever thought I would be back on WoW but my Fiance convinced me and now I’m on it more than he is! It’s good fun and I can’t wait until I can fly because seriously that’s the coolest thing about it.

My Fiance

Adam has been my big rock since the day I met him, and will probably always end up cleaning up my messes (Sorry babe!). I love him so much and appreciate what he does for me, from coffees in the morning to just watching whatever on TV with me when I just want a cuddle. This week, he got himself some new Dragon Ball Z Trading cards so I’ll be playing that with him later.


My little puppy has gotten so big so quickly but she’s still my little girl! I love her to pieces and every day she makes me smile and laugh, she’s so odd, speaking to you where ever you go, even from behind doors. Love her little heart!

So this week has been pretty normal. I did my volunteering at Woodlands Hospice on Wednesday which is always a pleasure to do and I recommend to everyone to do a bit here and there. I’ve handed in an assignment (Yay!). And I’ve given out regular content! It’s been a pretty productive week!

I hope your weeks have been good! And I hope next week is even better!



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