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Mally makeup kit Review


This year I’ve set myself the goal of boosting my self-confidence. It’s affected so much for me these few years and I’m now in a really lovely place where I want to rebuild myself into a me that can take on any challenge without feeling like my legs will give with anxiety. I think it’s important to experiment with who you are and who you’d like to be whether it’s through diving into a bunch of hobbies to find that one that fits you perfectly or pushing yourself to talk to more people and finding your voice.

As a kid, I didn’t touch makeup, and as a teenager, I used the odd bit of eyeliner because I thought I looked daft with more on and would probably make a mess of it so I never learnt. But makeup has always brought out the girly side in me. Whenever I pass the counters full of the stuff, my eyes are instantly drawn but blimey there’s a load of it going around! So, I decided to start with something simple and fun, to begin with, and bought myself a Mally Makeup Kit.



The primer is so soft and despite getting a small pot of it, it seems to go on forever. I adore the texture of it and it definitely helps the foundation flake less on my skin.

When it comes to foundations, I hate creams and anything that will make my face feel heavy or sticky, so the powder was a wonderful first for me and the brush to go with it is so gentle and has a wide surface area so I don’t have to spend ages putting it on.


Diving into the bag a little more, I found a lip pen, naked eyeshadow and mascara. I don’t tend to use mascara because my lashes are long enough and stick out enough as it is but I gave it a whirl along with the lip pen (I wouldn’t have touched my lips in the past) and found it surprisingly complimenting to my complexion. Naked eyeshadow always looks nice and natural and that’s just what I was after, a nice natural beginning as I find my way back to my girly side.

I’m extremely pleased with my little bag of goodies, would so recommend this kit and will be buying more Mally products from now on as I explore what suits me most.


All photographs in this post are my own.

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