Overwatch League Season 1

I’m super excited about the Overwatch League starting today and really want it to pull me into the world of esports! I’ve played Overwatch since day one and couldn’t be happier that it is now a sport I can watch and enjoy with my fiance and friends.

The league is made up of twelve teams from the US, Britain, China and Korea and the winner of the grand final gets $1 million. WOW! That’s an insane amount of money for esports. Blizzard truly is pulling out all the stops with Overwatch League, even building their own arena!


My hope for the first season is that it keeps the momentum it has gained and continues on for many seasons in the future, hopefully making it the most successful esport.

I also really want to see at least one female player in the League at some point. I know it all depends on skill but I’m certain there are some girlys out there that would fit right in with one of the League teams.

With every popular event comes controversy. Fans are arguing about the fact that teams have players that aren’t based in the city they represent and honestly, I disagree because the teams are representing cities, not countries. In football, clubs have players from all over except for when it’s a country team so I reckon it should be the same for any sport, including esports.

What has disappointed me is that these players have been chosen to represent the League and aren’t necessarily good role models, such as xQc (A player for Dallas Fuel), who got banned from playing Overwatch in general for abusing the reporting system by flagging players just for being a bit bad at it. Nate Nanzer, the commissioner of Overwatch League, actually stood on stage at the Players Summit with all of the teams to tell them that they represent Overwatch League and so should behave as such. I’m hoping that with Nate’s rather impressively putting his foot down, that the other players will continue to be respectable and good team players instead of potentially advertising that it’s okay to be mean to the less experienced players in Overwatch.


I think that any Overwatch lovers have got to give it a try. I am and am really excited to get involved, buy the jersey and cheer for my Outlaws! I’ve chosen to support Houston Outlaws for mainly the colours and because my fiance chose London Spitfires and we reckon supporting different teams would make it even more fun.  Pick a team and enjoy!

Teams to choose from

San Fransisco Shock

Los Angeles Valiant

Shanghai Dragons

Los Angeles Gladiators

Dallas Fuel

Seoul Dynasty

London Spitfire

Florida Mayhem

Philadelphia Fusion

Houston Outlaws

Boston Uprising

New York Excelsior

Don’t miss Overwatch League Season 1 on Twitch!

All images in this post are from the Overwatch League website or Google Images


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